Approaching God
how to learn about God
how to get closer to God

Most people on earth know by simple use of common sense combined with currently known scientific facts:

  1. there are worlds far away
  2. there are black holes and entire galaxies disappearing
  3. there must be a greater intelligence beyond all that when looking at the miracles and beauty of nature, of how a flower or roses is made from baby plant to a full blossoming rose or how from a tiny egg smaller than a pin head a beautiful butterfly evolves one day ...
The beauty of roses is proof of Gods beauty of love

In addition, we always had since many thousand years people among us that were different - people who sometimes have been called "Saints" - people who have been close to God and sometimes one with God. Such people came among us hundreds of times, being direct witness of God's love but above all of God's existence.

Seafarers of ancients times ventured beyond known horizons - and sometimes returned to their home country to testify of beautiful other cultures and countries. Columbus and many others. In most cases more and more people followed into these newly discovered worlds just based on the testimony of the ones returned from their discovery voyage to these worlds.

Same happened to Saints, God-realized Yogi and great Mystics of all times, they practiced special techniques, followed precise rules of live and ventured into higher spheres of consciousness and finally into worlds or universes beyond our physical planet and far beyond the known. All those who followed a particular path of enlightenment had a path to follow that was given to them by someone who first and successfully went that path on his own and then came back to this world to testify about his experience of that other world he experienced. There are many "worlds" beyond this world and many come and came from such other worlds to this world. A few times however someone came directly from God to this world to testify about God's love for all and about God's home for all and thus to call them home to God's world of love. A home where we all are ONE family - a family of love to live in absolute freedom - in love with all and with love for all - eternally.

Why do children select particular professions or visit particular countries? Because friends, teachers or most likely parents and close relatives or loved ones are living witnesses of their own experiences in such places and share their memories, skills and expertise with their children and friends ... to make their children and others hungry for adventures and discovery of new experiences ... or to join in the family venture already existing.

From God I came to this planet - to testify about God's love and to invite you to return home to God on a path of love. To love and to be loved is fun and enjoyable by all - hence to invite you to love all is of benefit for all. If you join me on the path of love you have nothing to lose but fear, loneliness and separation from the ones you love truly. Hence you may lose on your path of love all those things in your life that cause you troubles, headache or pain and in return you gain step by step more happiness and more joy of life as a proof that my path of love is actually God's path of love. Those still resisting the path of love are those who have been in "competition with God" for long time. God however is different from earthly humans - God forgives again and again. God offers full amnesty again and again to all - even to all those who betrayed him or his son, even to those who created or supported separation of all creation. Why ? Because God is Love - a heavenly father to love all - all without any exception - eternally. God loves you too, no matter what you have done or what you have omitted to do. God offers you any time - also here and now an opportunity to experience love, to learn to love, to practice love and to progress in loving all.

God offers you a loving welcome home to our all eternal home in God - a home of love. The teachings of love with all related additional lessons given to you are all inclusive - you have all you need to know, you have all you need to practice for a successful path of love home to God. Learn to love step by step, proof love in increasing steps toward an increasing number of different persons. Start with your family, neighbors and friends. Expand your love and action of love toward colleagues at work, colleagues and opposition in politics or customers, suppliers and partners in business to ultimately include any number of persons from any country, from any culture and of course from any religion as well. God has no religion - God is Love beyond a particular philosophy, beyond any culture, beyond any religion. God is absolute - the one without a second. God is the source of all sources, God is the creator of all creators, God is the creator of all creation.

The more precisely you follow all teachings of love, the sooner and the more you will start to experience love, the more you will start to feel love and the more you will start to experience the benefits of true love vs anything else ever practiced before by you. You will experience more love in your own life - inside you as well as outside you because flowing active love will guide you closer and closer to God until YOU are one with God as well - one with God and thus free in God for eternity. Once you have "tasted" true love - your hunger for the source of true love as well as your readiness to become one with the source of all love will drastically increase. Love once flowing through your entire body, mind and soul will start to dissolve anything between you and God until oneness with God is achieved. The science used to get love flowing through all parts of your entire body is called Kriya Yoga the force or energy that does this freeing and healing of you is God's love directly since the key of Kriya Yoga is to direct all your focus on God and Love only.

Kriya Yoga - the science of divine love - is like you calling and reaching out for God and God will take your hand and bring you home!

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