The difference between woman

All below that applies to woman vs Angelwoman also has its counterpart valid for man vs Angelman!

Love pure like God's love = angel womanlove
Love pure like God's love = angelwoman love !

A woman

Every girl who has a man becomes some kind of a woman and some kind of wife. Some more and some less loving but none truly loving because of selfishness. Most people here on earth are much too long much too far away from God to remember how to be and how to act as an angelwoman. Selfishness, stubborn, greed and stinginess as well as the loss of ability or loss of willingness to forgive and to love are mostly lost among all global human population.

Thus a woman is a female with ego of any and possibly many kind. Ego causes pain, suffering and karma to be experienced and corrected by the one causing it.


An angelwoman is a woman who has learned about God, practiced Love Prayer until she feels God's love or even better who has practiced Jesus sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga to heal all soul, all mind, all emotions and ultimately all body as well until ONENESS with God has been achieved. That oneness with God is the ultimate proof of being a true angelwoman! Nothing else can provide such proof and nothing else can substitute such proof. Oneness with God requires readiness to give all, to surrender to God all selfishness or manifestations of ego of any kind and to finally die in full faith in God's love and then return into dead ( cold or colder ) body. Hence an angelwoman is a true Saint. At home in heaven we all are what you here on earth call *Saints*. A Saint is no one else but a truly loving, perfectly loving person in a human body. Thus a Saint is an angel on earth in a human body. All people can become true Saints here and now on earth to fully qualify to return home to God by the end of THIS lifetime. The complete initiation of Jesus sacred teachings is in full and in every needed detail online and free for all world. Read and practice if you love to love.

An Angelwoman has learned to instantly correct mistakes made, to forgive all, to love all, to share all with all, to help all when ever and whatever needed. An angelwoman has conscious contact with God and can directly be guided by God and the holy spirit to always know and do the single most loving of all options. An Angelwoman is totally free of any kind of ego. Thus an Angelwoman no longer creates karma as all her actions are actions of love in full harmony with God. Angelwomen are blessed by God and protected by God for all eternity.

For every man as well - love like God to be an angelman

Love pure like God's love = angelman love
Love pure like God's love = angelman love !

God is Love
since you are made of God's love, you too are love!

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Love heart
Love heart

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