Definition of ahimsa explained for daily life

Ahimsa - non-violence - is the first step toward learning to love !

By understanding spiritual laws of God's creation here on earth within the area of karma and separation, you will know how problems have developed and how to prevent problems by abiding to essential spiritual laws. The goal of this text is to help you understand the essence of spiritual laws that have as a sole purpose to guide you back to a divine and loving nature - to being an divine being made to the image of God.

In detail

The Sanskrit word "ahimsa" means total lack of any kind of violence. Total peace inside you toward any being in any situation. Complete and positive NON-VIOLENCE, completely free of what your surrounding is or does or what may be threatening you.

Why ahimsa - why non-violence ?

Your soul wants to return to God. God is love. God is truth. God is peace .... Before you can return to your Divine home and become one with the Divine, you should become equal to God even in every aspect of your present personality within your physical body. That means you again should become a being of Divine light and Divine love. Love in any situation and toward all creation of God. We are here on earth because one day we decided to be different from God, to experience his creation. One day some of us started to fight instead of love, to kill instead of love, and so on. Now it is time to return to our natural divinity an be what God made - Divine beings of light made to his image.

When we are talking about going home to God, I mean back to the Divine. This is completely different from just "losing your physical body through a regular losing your physical body through a regular death" and going to the astral worlds. Our Divine home is in spheres far away from physical density, yet it is right next to you. It is far away by the means of how much effort and changes you may first have to make. At the same time right next to you, because everything around you is made by God and hence is made out of his Holy Spirit. The Divine vibration, in some spiritual traditions called the vibration of "OM", dwells inside every soul. The core of every soul, of every person is Divine. Divinity is the absolute truth of you.

To better understand this, just imagine a radio transceiver. The vibration coming from an FM radio-station enters the antenna and flows through various different electronic circuits. The frequency is converted from the original frequency of approximately 90 MHz through different circuits - like transformers, but nowadays with more sophisticated components - through different levels of intermediate frequencies, the last one being normally around 455 kHz and then to the Audio frequency level. The very high input frequency at the antenna is converted to an audible sound. The Chakras function in a similar way. Like a series of resonant serial circuits converting spiritual energy of vibration coming from God to the level needed by a particular soul and all its manifestations.

The Sahasrara Chakra is the antenna for the entrance of the Divine light inside your physical body. This Divine energy flowing from God to you is then being converted by a very complex Chakra-system down to the level of your present physical body. If all parts of your Body including your physical, Prana, astral, mental, causal and atmic body are in harmony with each other, then a high degree of the energy entering from God can reach your physical body thus resulting in a high degree of manifestation of the pure Divine nature of your soul in your present personality within your physical body. Your behavior is becoming the behavior of a truly God-realized Saint. Else the more spiritual blockages you have in your behavior, the less energy flows through the entire human energy-system. Hence the need for purification of all your different levels of your spiritual and physical body including all of your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, speech, writing, deeds, actions and reactions. You need to bring Divinity into ALL aspects of your personality. Let your Divine soul and God descend into your personality and dissolve and replace all of your disturbing ego. Make the Divinity of your God-made soul to the absolute truth of your personality.

This purification is first of all achieved by stopping any gross vibration inside your mind, emotions and your physical body. NON-VIOLENCE is an important part part on your way to realize your Divine love again.

A perfect realization of ahimsa leads to the benefit, that you will always and for eternity be in absolute safety, whatever is happening around you, whatever others may be doing or saying to you. As long as you can feel emotional pain inside yourself, you may still have the capability of causing emotional pain to others. Later on we learn about the physiology of thoughts and imagination. Right now just remember the rules that you can only attract whatever you radiate from inside your aura. All your Karma is stored in your causal body and is continuously radiating to attract equal or similar radiation from your surroundings. That means you attract what you are. You attract your mirror-personalities. With a few exceptions of course.

The vibration of love is a much higher vibration (frequency) and much more powerful than the gross vibration of a selfish or hateful ego. So if you radiate a certain amount of energy as love, this love has the Divine power to protect you from any possible violence. Remember the saying "you earn what you seed". Isn't that marvelous. All you receive is within your own control - within your very own responsibility. You only are responsible of your very own Karma. Whatever physical, mental or emotional illness you may suffer now, is the result or return of your very own seed in previous times - previous seconds, minutes, days, years, decades, incarnations.... You may have violated some of the very basic rules of life in regard to your behavior toward your very own personality or in regard to others, human, animal or other parts of the Divine creation.

You love and you are being loved. You fight and you are being fought, you cheat and you are being cheated. This is also called the law of Karma There is an absolute justice and you have complete control of what you do, think, feel and hence of what you receive.

Ahimsa in its perfect manifestation leads to a loving attitude and handling of all situation within yourself and toward all your surrounding. Please understand that any violation of this even against your very own physical body or against your very own personality leads to Karma. Love your neighbors as you love your self and love your self as you love your neighbors. Make all mankind, all parts of the Divine creation to your family, because we are ONE family before God. "Foreigners" may exist in the mind of an ego, in the mind of a loving and Divine soul there are only family members of our infinite Divine creation of God.

Ahimsa - explained for daily life

To make sure you truly understand the full extent of ahimsa, you will find some typical and common examples of violations of this Divine rules of Divine life.

Many sentences that include "if .... , then... " often contain a high degree of psychic violence toward others, psychic violence is as much painful as physical violence is. Toward employees, children, soldiers, citizens, sentences like the following constitute a clear and absolute violence of ahimsa.

Ahimsa violations by mothers / fathers / teachers to children:

If you are not finished by ... , then you are not allowed to ....

if you don't ......., then you will get beaten / you won't be allowed to watch TV / I don't love you anymore or .... any other kind of punishment

if you do ..... - and here comes any Accomplishment, action or behavior - then I'll love you / then you are a brave child / .... this implies your Love being dependent of any particular behavior of the other person. This is a very gross psychic terror toward other persons if they need to behave the way your ego likes it, before you can love them. True Divine Love however is free of any condition or behavior of anyone !!!

Any kind of physical punishment for any reason always is a violence of ahimsa

No cause of any kind can ever justify a punishment

Cause, action or "crime" of any kind can never justify an action of war, a sentence of imprisonment, death sentence, fine, confiscation of property or any similar reaction by whomever. Anything happening on earth and elsewhere happens according to the absolute Law of Karma. Such judgments are as wrong or painful as the action leading to such re-action. Any judgment or punishment - including any such re-action for "legal" reasons - are leading to the same or similar Karma as the Action leading to such re-action. Every soul is earning what the soul has been seeding before - as a private, official, government, business or other person. The Law of Karma is always valid and active.

Divine Love, Grace and Mercy is the only Divine re-action possible for any spiritual person in any situation. Any and every problem may be dissolved in Divine Love.

Ahimsa violations by police, authorities, governments, military to other nations, people, citizens:

If you brake "our law" - i.e. our ego-made, home-made rules - then you will get .... punishment or ...

you pay the price / taxes or you get ... punishment or ... we confiscate your property, ...

if you govern your country a different way that WE like it, we may conduct a war against your people, ... make an air strike against you, stop commerce with you, stop supplying you with humanitarian aid, money, supply, food, close our border with you, send all citizens of your country living in OUR country out of OUR country, declare a person "persona non-grata" - a procedure practiced among "diplomats".

The situations and opportunities where people use peer pressure, psychic terror, mental, verbal or physical terror and violence to make others behave in a certain way is nearly endless. Watch your very own behavior with this in mind and use loving self control to replace such behavior within yourself by pure Divine Love. Accept, protect and establish or re-establish freedom and liberty for all by using the power of Divine Love.

Make your heart and soul becoming the only weapons in life you ever use. Make Divine Love the only "ammunition" you ever "shoot" at others, in any and all circumstances. Hate, envy, jealousy, any desire for revenge or punishment, will instantly disappear if you fully keep your concentration and awareness focused on Divine Love. Sometimes it may only take as little as a few seconds or minutes to accomplish this. Do it and you will experience a successful feeling of peace of mind within.

God is Love

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