Adultery - why and how to prevent


Definition of adultery

Adultery is referred to as infidelity or unfaithfulness within a given relationship. Adultery is voluntary sex between a person in a relationship and someone other than his partner or between a single person without partner and someone in a relationship

A loving heart is the best source of happiness.

Reasons for adultery

Why does adultery occur in relationship ?

Please also read the text: Who is responsible for adultery - who to blame for adultery ?

There always is good reason within any relationship where adultery by one of the two or both occurs. The reason is very simple:

Any loved partner always stays with the source of his love. is the chosen partner closed to give love - hence denying love to his partner or is the partner rejecting love from his partner - then a situation of spiritual stress and distress occurs - and a situation of adultery is created.

Adultery occurs

A human being is kind of like a light bulb ! The purpose of eternal being of any and all human is to be happy.- To be happy however requires a constant flow of love. Flow of love again requires being connected ! Connected to his partner. Happiness is the result of FLOWING love - flowing through all body, mind and soul - metaphysical TRUE love - beyond physical touch, beyond food and drinks, beyond a mere talk or "I love you" - but real energy of love flowing through BOTH like in a closed circuit - however it is a triangular circuit as shown below in the graphic of divine communication - the "third party" is God !!

divine relationship God - husband - wife

Above partners are glowing of love - happy inside and outside because fully connected to the source of love - God and to each other.

Such being connected needs

  1. both partners being fully willing to GIVE all love in all various POSSIBLE forms of love
  2. both partners being fully willing to ACCEPT all love offered in any and all possible forms of love

With other words - adultery occurs only if a partner refuses to meet the other partners true and divine needs for love and for having someone to give love.

Every partner needs the FEELING of being loved and also needs the feeling of being love worthy by having a partner willing to fully absorb all his love. Rejected love results in a feeling of loneliness and worthlessness by the one whose love is rejected.


Flirting - first step of adultery

heart of love

If love is rejected by a partner - then the one wiling to give is helpless, feels worthless, useless and hence searches for what God gave him - a fully loving partner, one willing and made to truly love, absorb all love, prove love, prove loyalty and ready to share eternally.

If a partner denies to be a full source of love then the one partner without love feels disconnected - empty, a life empty of love, a day without being loved many times, a day without having someone to love many times every day - such days are wasted days.

In God's creation however nothing is wasted - nothing is ever planned to be wasted. Every being has a divine birth right to be loved and to give love - every second of his eternal being !!!

With such knowledge deep inside - every person being abandoned or neglect by his partner searches a substitute source of love - one who gives all and accepts all love - to reconnect again and feel happy, lovable and love worthy.

How to prevent adultery


By being willing to give all love and to accept and absorb all love. By being fully open for his partner and being an eternal "playmate" of o divine love - a divine source of fulfillment of any dream and wish the partner ever can or could have. By saying YES to all needs of love of his partner and providing all love needed to fulfill all such needs instantly and in full.

Of course all such loving each other includes sexuality in all aspects at any time of eternal life !

Guilt of adultery


In God's creation is never guilt - but responsibility.

The one refusing to give all - is responsible for the other one needing another partner. Hence if ONE part refuses to give ALL the neglect one has a divine right to leave, divorce and shall have a new partner loving him as planned by God.

The same applies to the one rejecting love - hence refusing to FULLY absorb all love from the one willing to GIVE all love. If a person rejects love - even only for hours a week - then he causes severe emotional AND spiritual stress - and has to accept full responsibility for what he causes and has to give his partner freedom to divorce and to find a new partner willing to absorb all love.

If both are ready to change - if both are ready to fully absorb all love and give all love - if both are ready to be a source of infinite love, happiness and satisfaction for the other - then there always is an opportunity to heal a relationship.

Else both shall take responsibility for being together with the wrong partner and bot shall accept full responsibility for THEIR very own future and leave the other in peace and friendship - surrendering the partner to God and prepare for a new relationship in love.

Sin of adultery


When you ask if adultery is a sin - then lets have a look at what sin means:

"An offense against religious or moral law - or also an offense against laws set up by God."

Since there is no sin in God - but painful experiences - there shall be neither guilt nor judgment of any kind. But both shall learn for their future and open in full for the future relationship if marriage breaks apart and divorce becomes necessary.

How to heal damage occurred from adultery


Full forgiveness requires full readiness to GIVE love and to make happy. If both simultaneously are ready to give all and to accept all then all love needed to heal is flowing. Love is the only way to heal. True loving partner have NOTHING at all to forgive - because whatever happens always and instantly is dissolved in divine love - hence at any given time of eternal life there always is nothing but love between both - between both and all creation and between both and God as well !

Having something to forgive would be a proof of lack of true love in the one who has something to forgive - because forgiven can only be what still is existent and carried in the heart against another person.

When both have realized in full their own part of mistakes - because almost all the times both contribute to a substantial part to the situation leading to adultery - then when both are ready and willing to accept full responsibility for their part of the damage caused - it will be easy for both to learn, to make a decision of love for that partner and dissolve in love all past.

If in one or both such readiness for reconciliation is missing - missing partially or totally - then there never was true love in that relationship from that person and instant divorce is the only solution. In all such cases both have to fully accept responsibility for their own part and carry all their own expenses for a peaceful divorce. Both have to grant and give instant freedom to the parting one.

No single person can forced another one to accept his love or give him love. Here on earth being in a wrong relationship is part of the "price" we all pay for being drifted away from God.

In all such cases both have made the mistake to prove instant and full love from the very first day of their relationship. In any and every situation of eternal life ALL partners are to prove love every day in full again and again. Every person has the right to receive in full all love possible and also has the right to have a partner willing to fully accept and absorb all love offered to him.

Failure to give such proof and failure to accept such proof from the very first day is a mistake by each and both partners involved. Proof of love can be made within one day and refreshed every day again and again. It is the responsibility of each one to make sure he KNOWS to have the right partner with the right motive - to love and nothing but to love is the only valid divine reason and motive for any and every relationship !!

How and why to prevent adultery

Love one another - in full and eternally !


God has made but one law - to love each other - to love all

To love one another requires both to be fully open for each other in both direction. Adultery is the result of one or both having neglect the first and great commandment of LOVE !! And hence both have to accept full responsibility for any spiritual damage caused to the other and if necessary to give full freedom without any recompensation of any nature and kind.

We all are made to love - hence we all are made to be fully "connected to our partner" - to be truly happy by making happy is our divine nature - sooner or later we have to learn to love. To learn to love in full - made to the image of God however only is possible in a love relationship where both say YES to each other - in FULL. Adultery of ever changing partners never can provide the same "field" of experiences as our very own God given partner ever can be. It is our divine eternal nature to stay together with one partner eternally - with the one and only. Here on earth we are preparing for that by learning to be a source of happiness, a source of fulfillment of all wishes. Here and now on earth we learn this by practicing divine sexuality with a fully open heart and soul - open for each other and open for God at the very same time.

If we fail to dissolve in love the resistance our ego is creating then we simply fail to prove true love and may attract additional - usually painful - lessons until we have developed true and sincere readiness to LOVE like a true child of God !

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