Adoption of a child

A few serious points to consider for child adoption
alternate options to conventional child adoption

The very best and most loving way to love and "adopt" a baby is to help its natural mother in growing up the baby on her own - i.e. by financially supporting the mother instead of taking her baby away !!!

When people have or have no natural baby - then this is part of God's divine plan. Those who for whatever reason are infertile are so because of their karma and more basic spiritual lessons that first need to be accomplished before having a baby - natural or adopted ! Any and every baby always belongs to the physical parents and should never be taken or given away.

It is a vital spiritual lesson for all human society to help each other growing up our own children in love.

Where ever a baby is born that is exactly the place it is born for the very greatest of his spiritual benefit. The natural place of birth, the country and culture offers the situation best suitable for his spiritual progress. The natural mother and father is where any baby belongs to - it is his own choice and desire for a reason most of the time unknown to mortals but well known and accepted by God.

Taking a baby or child out of his natural environment means stealing his opportunity to spiritually grow and progress !!!

If a baby is born in a very poor environment - it may be just exactly that what that soul needs to learn. A lesson of poverty is needed by hundreds of millions refusing to share on this planet. An entire incarnation in a poor environment also stimulates the capability to work rather than to have others work for you as many rich ones are born into their richness and have become lazy to work all the truly needed work all on their own. They hire others to do all the dirty work and enjoy the fruits of work.

Such is never possible among farmers and poor ones on this planet. There all have to work on their own to progress and to survive.

If however you truly love and you want to express true love to the poor ones, to orphans of any other family or country then there is ONE truly loving way to prove love toward all the street children and children of poor ones ... to help those children where they are. To support the families and friends in the native place of such children to allow such children growing up in their own native environment under better conditions.

Instead of adopting a child to take it away from its native environment and persons - you can support that environment and those persons and families to have a better life and as a result you improve the living quality of the children.

True love is expressed by helping all to raise their own children in clean and suitable loving and natural environment rather than taking their children away. Help the poor ones to have equal and fair chances in life, in profession and society and you create a better future for all their children while maintaining the natural God chosen environment for a particular incarnation of a baby. Instead of forcing a poor mother to give a baby away for adoption - support that mother to help her raise her very own child with her very own love. Help young single mothers or poor families to raise their children in their own home with their own love. A small amount a year would most of the time be enough to do so - like the fees for school and school material or school uniforms and a modest donation to improve their own work and living quality. Usually this is far less than an actual adoption would cost - but helps the baby to grow up in his own country, learning his own lessons among his own culture and religion.

There is always a solution to support a baby within his own environment rather than taking it out into a foreign environment and leaving mother and father with the pain of having given away their child. Any child has a divine right to grow up with the physical parents - no matter how poor or how rich.

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