Abortion problems - reasons - real costs


A pregnancy of a problem-woman occurs only after repeated other easier loving solutions have been rejected

An abortion means rejecting the very last loving solution in life at all !

After reading the chapter about pregnancy - it may be much easier to understand this following chapter about abortion. All of those ever considering an abortion are those children of God who have some of the greatest spiritual problems on earth and needed most help and loving lessons to overcome their spiritual problems and blockages.

A pregnancy and the years of growing up a baby and child offers so many most valuable lessons of purely spiritual content in a entirely loving " package" of a God sent baby that all these solutions of love that result of pregnancy and all the many years after are missing. Thousands of various lessons in most loving way are thrown away when aborting a baby.

Who considers Abortion

Only extreme problem-women do consider an abortion

Thousands of loving lessons that NEED to be replaced by NON-loving lessons because:

Lessons are created - they never exist out of their very own. Situations to learn including pregnancy, relationships even with a wrong partner, business opportunities, travel opportunities are created for those needing them and prevented for those having no need at all.

An abortion means rejecting love from God

An abortion means rejecting a solution of love offered by God to you to solve your own spiritual problems - abortion is considered by women who have rejected the right partner and find themselves in a totally wrong relationship empty of true love !

Rejecting a baby means rejecting love from God and also means rejecting your very own fortune. Babies never cause a real threat to your survival - they may however cause a threat for your ego because every baby and every child at any age will very substantially help you in reducing your ego. A baby offers you the very most loving way possible a fun and loving way to learn what needs to be learned. Of course a baby may be more expensive to care for than no baby - but a baby offers you so much joy and love and adventure for the very little extra money you need that a life without would cost you far more than a life with child.

How that ?

A baby offers you direct love and direct lessons. In a way far more efficient than all the therapies, workshops, seminars, divorce and hospitalization ever would cost if you deny a pregnancy and still need to learn what needs to be learned anyway.

A baby also can be very tricky - just the very exact way your ego needs lessons to grow and learn to truly love. A baby can adapt to your ego and no truly loving female soul ever can reject her own baby once the baby is here. A baby is a life time companion to join you - and help you on YOUR path home to God.

An abortion means escaping urgently needed spiritual lessons to grow strong in your heart

A pregnancy is a loving way to help you out of the cycle of reincarnation and home to God

God reaches out with a baby hand to assist you - after you have let down all the strong hands God sent you for your help and rescue.

The emptiness within your life after any abortion is the result of having no further help - no further solution for you for a long time after any abortion. How can God or anyone else still offer you love and help if you deny and reject such a divine offer from God ? Hence for many or most who have aborted life after is dark and empty of true happiness and love for a very long time. Damage has been done to the soul wanting to help - rejected love from any willing soul is one of the very most intense and severe spiritual emergency for the aborted soul.

If you want to talk cost - then it is very obvious that the cost of damage done by any abortion is far much greater than a lifetime cost of having a baby and growing up child !!! The spiritual damage done to yourself as well as the aborted baby may only be healed by others being far more loving than you at present and very often only after you ended your present incarnation successfully.

Humans have freedom, freedom to make mistakes - whatever and whenever they wish to cause damage of any kind - even abortion. But humans also should be aware that such damage - even if invisible is true and absolute as can be seen within many who have aborted afterward. The spiritual pain within the mother herself as well as in her surroundings may be of lasting nature for a long time and affect her relationship and spiritual progress very intensely.

It never is about God - it is about your spiritual progress that failed. Your bare survival is at stake - the survival of YOUR SOUL !

While from the human relative point of view, abortion, having or aborting a baby often is about money, child support financial problems that occur in the limited mind of pregnant mothers when they consider or execute an abortion. However it is in reality always a spiritual situation that only matters. If God allows you to be pregnant then he offers you all the solutions of solving and surviving all the lessons AND financial problems included in any pregnancy and all the years after.

While there are of course millions and more women who love to be pregnant and wish from the depth of their heart a baby or many babies, those even considering an abortion may do so because of a very severe spiritual problem or blockage. And that blockage can be solved by that pregnancy or by many babies within one lifetime. A pregnancy forces a mother to open for others. To open for help from others, for love from others. Pregnancy also forces a mother to do real useful work to earn the support for her baby - hence she needs to instantly get out of her self pleasure oriented phase of life and instantly be adult, mature and strong to fully develop the female spiritual aspects of a female human being.

The key lessons of single mothers or mothers in wrong relationships getting pregnant is very simply to act instead of hang around, to act instead of reacting to situations in her life. Any pregnancy forces a mother to be active, to take the initiative for their spiritual life and spiritual advancement, to make positive decisions and realize essential changes in her life and in her entire behavior and environment.

Her love for God and true faith in God will help her to fully accept such a great but loving challenge and to successfully complete the very same lessons she may have refused months or years earlier that have been presented by God to her in a far more loving and easier way.

Proud, stubborn or passive women never find a way home to God - hence lessons that require the positive opposite need to be presented on one way or another. A pregnancy is one most ideal way for all involved - including the father - to realize all these most important and valuable spiritual lessons at once in just a dozen or so years. When looking at your present lifetime, when thinking of losing 10 or 20 years for growing up children - then always keep in mind the following points

  1. God takes care of all his children eternally
  2. We learn all these basic lessons once and if done successfully - the essence of these lessons remain with us eternally for our benefit as well as for the eternal benefit of all creation
  3. We are made to the image of God - hence we too need to learn to care for others - beyond our own children eternally.
  4. Having babies, having children ALWAYS is fun - as all children at any age are but loving angels IF we drop instantly all our ego and love them in a truly divine way such as God loves us.
  5. Most of any possible problems arising from having babies or children result only from the totally wrong way almost all children are risen by their parents and by society on earth.
  6. Any baby you reject now - may have to be healed by you with your very own love. In one way or another all lessons are but postponed into a far less ideal period of time in your life. Most likely with a far lesser ideal wrong partner than the one offered at first by God to you for such a lesson. An abortion of a baby from your true and eternal partner never would occur to you in your mind - no matter how much ego you ever may have.

If you use all available possibilities, resources and support by your society, culture and extended family and friends, then you will surely always find a loving solution to welcome that baby and experience in love and joy all the opportunities of love your baby is offering you. The key to success is that you instantly learn to ask, even to beg for help and of course to accept any help ever offered to you by anyone capable to offer you any kind of direct or indirect help. YOUR possible pregnancy also is a valuable opportunity for all others around you to do something FOR you, to love you, to help you, to support you, to make your life more pleasant and easier. A pregnancy never is a matter of father and mother only - pregnancy is a most loving lesson and opportunity to spiritually grow for - a lesson of love for you as well as for all society around you. Thousand of humans - even here on earth - are related to each other and need to reestablish and live actively such extended family life again. To realize how easy life COULD be - if we would allow God to arrange more in our life and to help us in all possible ways. If we learn here and now to live like in our divine family - then every pregnancy - every baby always is an additional sunshine in all our hearts and lives.

What are the costs of abortion ?

Real costs for abortion are different from $ costs !

While you may think of $ - I will talk about REAL costs of abortion!

The real cost for abortion, causing death to a child of God being ready to help you, to love you, to heal you or at least partially heal you, to help you to love so much that eventually you may find you way home to God in a loving way without any illness or real pain in life.

The real costs are of course usually many hundred thousands $ - as an abortion kills thousands of most loving lessons and offers to help you to find love and open your heart. The alternate solutions left after an abortion are far more expensive, time consuming - and may - in the worst of all cases require one or several additional incarnations.

Most likely an abortion also may kill your love relationship with the father - hence leading sooner or later to divorce OR if pregnant as a single woman - an abortion may prevent relationship in love with the father of the unborn.

An abortion certainly is one of the most expensive spiritual disaster that ever can occur to a mother. Of course it will only be the one mother to pay in full all cost, spiritual cost and material cost of an abortion. Learning to love, learning to bow in humbleness to a loving partner, learning to forgive all and everything that ever happened are most vital spiritual lessons to be passed successfully by all children of God at one time before returning home. A pregnancy - single mother or married mother is one of the most loving and most powerful sources to learn ALL such urgently needed spiritual lessons in the most loving and most cost- / time-efficient way ever existing on earth.

Love needs to flow. Rejecting Love from flowing causes troubles and problems to ALL parties involved and to many unseen or unknown souls involved directly or indirectly in any abortion.

Every female will learn to raise children - own and "foreign" children - with love and to sacrifice hundreds or thousands of years for children. We live eternally and if your own present happiness is more important than the eternal happiness of all creation, then you simply have lost any contact to God, to love and to understanding the real needs in spiritual life.

There is no other lessons that can be a fully valid substitute for raising several own physical children and loving the father of those physical children. Being female has its own individual and unique spiritual lessons - such as being male also has its own unique equally important spiritual lessons.

Other drastic expenses of an abortion include all the additional - financial and other - the the rejected soul will have as a result of being rejected and denied to learn HIS lessons the most loving and most efficient way. YOU are the very best mother of all mothers in all creation on earth - that's why God has selected you to be the mother of the coming baby instead of having selected your neighbor or sister or any other mother on earth. From ALL other potential mothers YOU are the only one to help that particular soul the most powerful way possible !

Rejecting or denying that soul may cause very substantial additional problems, effort, costs and eventually a substantial loss in life quality and spiritual progress to that soul.

Abortion means denying the freedom to that rejected baby to learn in a most loving and most efficient way.

You have already failed to love in your past - that is the reason why you are here on earth instead of being at home in God. Accepting a pregnancy - accepting all natural pregnancies in your life will compensate for any earlier failures by you and give you all the needed chances to repeat, practice and successfully master all urgently needed lessons of love, proof of love and love tests to find your path of love home by the end of this physical lifetime.

While you still may have such opportunity after an abortion - the path will be much different and far more demanding than you may ever dream of. As the lessons are the very same but in addition you may have to love much more, work much more in a loving way to compensate for any damage done and to prove true love - TRUE LOVE ! True toward ALL - including true love toward the killed baby. The path of life after an abortion will be out of your own direct control and will be under direct guidance and supervision of God and your total sum of all ever accumulated karma and damage to you and all creation. While abortion may appear as your free choice - as a result of abortion you may temporarily lose your divine spiritual freedom as a result of your accumulated karma and failure to love, to protect life and to be a guardian angel for children - such loss of freedom may last for this entire lifetime or until all lessons to love are satisfactory mastered.

Thoughts about abortion always is absolute proof of being with totally wrong partner !

If a mother considers abortion - then she considers punishment to the father as she also kills his love, destroys the fruit of his love and hence in most cases loses his love resulting either in separation and divorce or at least resulting in an inner separation and inner divorce in their hearts.

If a father considers abortion by the mother or wants to enforce abortion by the mother for whatever reason - then he never can be the true partner of that mother and the mother should divorce and raise the baby alone.

The issue of abortion - to consider abortion in any situation always is an absolute proof of being with the totally wrong partner !!! Hence the first reasonable step always should be soonest separation and divorce from present partner and a full reorientation in life.

God is Love

God as the father of all humans cares for all of you eternally - You may need to care for others and your children at least for one lifetime.

God takes care of all his creation and you for millions of years and more - denying himself peace and happiness until all of you have learned to love and are happy at home again. You as an abortion considering mother are made to the image of God and have the potential power of love to put any newborn, unborn and any baby or child above all your personal or selfish needs for years, decades or an entire lifetime. One lifetime sacrificed for the benefit of poor ones, of needy ones, of helpless or ill ones is tiny little compared to eternal life. A mother denying or rejecting such Divine Service of Love now may have to learn to love and welcome a baby later as motherly needs to be learned by ALL females.

Accept the challenge to learn to love and all your future may soon be much better than at present.

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