Your soul's needs vs your ego plans

Spiritual needs always have precedence of any other needs. Whatever your soul needs to attain freedom and find home to God always is of highest priority in life above all else.

When you spontaneously and intensely feel tired, then your soul has a date and needs your body to rest or to deeply meditate! A soul's need always is superior to any physical need or physical priority no matter the amount of money involved.

If you have "no time" for the spiritual needs of your soul, then your soul will create time for your body. Such "time creation" may include wheelchair for life, accidents that put you in bed or hospital for months or in the mildest case a serious flue or illness that keep you in bed for a few days or weeks!

In a well balanced spiritual oriented life, all your life always is smoothly planned and pre-arranged, blessed by God. There are times to have fun, times for your family and times of duty, sudden emergencies that require instant flexibility and availability and spiritual lessons to attend or take care of.

If your priorities are clear set to God and Love above all else, you always have a smooth flow of dates in life, free of any pressure, free of any conflict of interests. God arranges and helps you to always do the right thing at the right time at the right place. All you need to learn is to let go from fixed patterns in life and to be flexible to live every moment as needed. Go with the flow created by God and all will make sense day by day.

Forget the whining relatives and stubborn or stingy friends who create artificial troubles to pretend to need you. Those who have the power to self-create problems, also will learn to develop the power to solve all self created problems all on their own. If you waste most or all of your life for all the tricky ones among your friends, neighbors and loved ones, you miss most of the spiritual progress and eventually find all your life wasted for nothing real but for people who wanted to keep you away from God and Love and all the relevant lessons and work needed to achieve peace and happiness in all creation.

The universal peace is more important than a whining mama or sister or uncle in a wheelchair asking for pity, "family members" etc who have lost contact to God or have chosen another life empty of love. The highest priority always is the holistic wellbeing of all.

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