Wrongdoing never can be made undone by another wrong doing

Wrongdoing never can be made undone by another wrong doing
violence never can be treated with another violence.

To end the cycle of pain and mistakes on earth as result of widespread wrongdoing
Love is needed and solutions of love need to be learned step by step.

To stop a fire
you remove oxygen or you add water
to prevent future fire you first learn to control your mind
and stop playing with elements that are out of your own direct control.

To stop a flooding
you drain the water
and prevent future flooding by allowing/reestablishing natural free flow of water.

To change bad weather
you increase true love in all your thoughts, emotions and deeds.

To balance rain and sunshine
you establish a life of only love.

To prevent mudslides
you return to nature what was once property of nature
and you learn to fully integrate yourself into God's creation and God made nature.

God made beautiful nature as living environment

A cancer never can be healed by simply removing its manifestations (tumors)
hatred among mankind never can be solved simply by cutting off their heads
war among mankind never can be solved by killing all opposition and "enemies"
a cold never can be cured by applying even more cold to a patient.

Each successful cure requires love and a force opposite to the disaster's root-cause.

Each problem has a root cause
the root cause may well be within our own attitude or behavior rather than in our "enemies" behavior
the root cause may have its origin hundreds or thousands of years back in time.

To permanently solve a problem we need to search for the true root cause
no matter how long
no matter the efforts
even a full lifetime or beyond.

Every violent solution always is proof that we failed to invest ALL possible efforts to search for the root cause of all problems.

Every violent solution always is a failure in our life - to be learned now or in any future lifetime. All violent actions and damage done as a result thereof needs to be healed and cleaned up by those who chose violence over love.

No matter how long - no matter how many lifetimes healing of root causes may need to take
then and only then are we ready and spiritually mature to return home to God.

Learn to improve your knowledge about God and Love and how to consciously feel and experience God's blessing and loving presence in your own life.

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