Living wrong lifestyle

Living wrong lifestyle in life
walking on a wrong path of life
is like an avalanche
the longer you go wrong path
the larger the disaster
the larger the expenses
the more efforts needed
to repair and fix all damage done while maintaining wrong lifestyle.

If you realize that things in life seems to go wrong, that means
- you made wrong choices in your life
- you failed to follow your heart.

Then stop, make time free, go into nature for a long and may be repeated walk. sit back, relax and review your past to the moment when life went wrong.

Open for God and pray to God, to clean and heal all traces from previous mistakes and to give you a fresh clear heart and mind with clear intuition and a heart that tells you what is right and what is wrong.

Follow God's guidance - listen to your heart and soul. In a more simple lifestyle it always is much easier to permanently be happy and healthy. Learn from global mistakes made by others.

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