If a woman rejects the one man God created for her

If a woman rejects her soul mate created by God,
she may receive as many wrong men as she needs
even thousands or millions of years and longer.

Until her female pride melted in the love
she always received from the ONE God given lover
while she "enjoyed" all teachers and "wrong men"
showing her that all Love and earth never matches the love from the gift God gave her by birth
or until she home in God on her own to find who always was waiting for her - her lover man made by God.

Because God wants each and every woman
to be the absolutely happiest woman in all creation
hence God created the perfect match for each woman
to be found by each woman
to be recognized by each woman
only by his love for God
only by his love for all creation
only by his love for her.

To find and recognize your soul mate made by God,
a woman's heart need to be fully open for all.
Open heart for animals
for nature
and above all for God.

As long as you reject being a female woman
or as long as you reject a single man from your love
you may reject the one made by God as well.

Soul mates is a unique single partner for eternity made by God,
one single man in all creation, on earth, in heaven or anywhere in God's creation.

To find your most loving soul mate for sure, woman have to return home to God! Learn to love - follow the teachings of Love. Love includes honest useful work, sharing with poorest and needy ones and to make others happy - here and now on earth.

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