Do what you love to do

To be truly happy and truly successful in life,
you may need to drop doing what your parents or loved ones wanted you to do
and learn to do what you love to do from the bottom of your heart and soul.

Quite often what your mother or father wants you to do
is what parents failed to accomplish in their own life.
Things like particular studies, titles, careers, etc.

That however is parents lesson to achieve their own goals
or to have achievable and reasonable goals in life.

Parents have to welcome their children but let them go enjoying their own lives.

You have your own soul,
your own karma
and your own lessons waiting for you.

The work you do is the vehicle that carries you through life
from one lesson to next one
until all lessons successfully completed
and you mature and loving enough to return home to God
or move on to more lessons in another lifetime
until loving enough to love your way home to God.

Children want to be loved by parents
children want parents to be proud
children want to be recognized by parents.

To do so, children often do anything needed,
even if it means neglecting all own needs
and thus to never achieve own true happiness in life,
just for the sake of pleasing parents.

That is the only reason why many children are fulfilling the dreams and expectations from their own parents, rather than living their own life. Doing so however is like raping your own soul and may ultimately lead to missing your very own needs and goals for your spiritual life on earth.

To achieve your own goals and to find your own happiness in life,
you need to grow strong and free first. Free from parents expectations.

To grow free from parents and to free yourself from parents' expectation,
it may be best to travel and work away from your parents.
Out in this world are millions of jobs for all kinds of qualifications,
or to try and find what you really love to be and to do.

A few years traveling the world while working may prepare you for later marriage,
and allow you to widen your view of all worldly problems,
to open your heart
and to better understand other cultures
as well as to see what might be wrong in your own culture.
A working tourist visa (use this for an Internet search to find opportunities!) may open the doors to dozens or more cultures and countries most likely on all 5 continents,
to explore the world, gain experiences and life skills and to grow strong,
to free yourself from parental or cultural expectations and behavioral patterns
and ultimately to find yourself and to discover your own needs and true skills buried inside your soul.

For everything on earth,
there always are different points of view.
Some more wrong and some less wrong.
Different countries and cultures have different ways to handle one and the same situation.
Most likely all of them are mostly wrong but contain a little truth.
To help you find God and your golden path of love home to God.

Truly loving parents let you do whatever makes you happy.
If you do whatever you love to do from the bottom of your heart and soul,
then it is easy, even in a simple life, to be truly happy all life long.

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