A wake up call in life

A wake up call in life by a near accident or loss or death of a loved one is to make you aware of gross spiritual negligence in your own life and of wrong priorities or lack or motivation to always do what is right and best for all.

When you get a wake up call in life
like the death of a loved one
or a near accident
typically for a few days or weeks there is an increased state of alert
an increased refocus on God
and a few weeks later
all may be back to "normal" as before your wake up call nor even worst, more negligent than ever before,
because nothing really serious resulted from your first wake up call.

The next wake up call just waiting to happen and be arranged to be the most loving
most powerful possible
any subsequent wake up call always is far more powerful than the first one which was merely a serious warning.

Most people on earth only remember God when they are in deep troubles
and forget God as soon as everything seems OK.

Would YOU like your own children come only to you
when ever they are in deepest troubles, in jail, in hospital or in deep debts, foreclosure, eviction, etc
would you love to enjoy your children also when they are fine and happy all the way?

Do you love to watch your children getting lost on wrong paths, paths of crime, drug, abuse or other major mistakes causing pain to your other children and endangering your entire family livelihood? Imagine how God feels when his children on earth harm each other or are careless about the well being and happiness of all others!

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