The value of gifts

The value or price of gifts and property determines how much you treasure gifts or property received and how long you maintain and cherish what you have.

If you paid the value of a few working hours for something you got,
you may usually value and maintain up to a few days what you paid for.

If you paid the value of several days or weeks of working hours,
you may value more and maintain eventually for many months or beyond what you paid for.

If you paid the value of many months hard work,
then you may value and maintain up to years what you paid for.

If you worked many years or even decades to afford something,
you may treasure up to a lifetime what you paid for with long lasting hard work.

If you worked for many thousands or millions of years for something you truly value,
then you may most likely treasure and preserve eternally or until dissolved in love by God what you gave your life for.

If you received treasures of love from God for free,
chances are you even may fail to recognize at all what priceless treasures you have received as a gift of love.

The reason why spiritual gifts are usually free is simply because such gifts are priceless and no money, gold and diamonds combined on earth ever could buy and pay for a single spiritual gift of love. It is however up to you to recognize and cherish your God given opportunities and gifts.

Once you have wasted your gifts, they are gone,
may be gone eternally
as every gift has to be paid in one way or another
even gifts of love
however the means they are paid for are far beyond your material world and beyond your comprehension.

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