Use nature to prepare for daily Kriya Yoga

Walk in nature to balance your energy

Absolutely essential for success in Kriya Yoga is a healthy life in a natural environment.

When you work in a clinic or hospital,
or any demanding environment with people who suck your energy or pull you down,
or in an toxic environment with lots of chemicals, pollution or bad energy.

The it is above all time to change your lifestyle and move into nature!

No matter what work you have,
with patients or customers of any kind,
counseling or healing, etc.

Even if you work outdoors in a physically hard job such as farmer, forest worker, construction worker, miner, etc, take a time out for God and nature to clean, rebalance, heal and recharge you before going home or starting your family life and daily Kriya Yoga session!

Allow God to heal and recharge you from your daily hard and honest work!

There always may be a feeling of being empty or tired.

Then it is time to benefit from God's gift of love for all Nature!

When really tired and sucked empty,
instead of taking a rest,
kick butt and walk into nature
walk slowly
sit down and open for God to do the light shower a few minutes or as you feel good,
then open for all nature,
all big strong trees,
all beautiful wild grass fields with herbs and flowers,
open for the energy of big rocks, boulders and stones.

When you walk IN nature, through nature,
then you are like swimming through prana = God made healing lifeforce!
Like walking or swimming IN healing water, swimming underwater in a crystal clear blue ocean.

Blue pacific ocean

When you relax and open while walking,
you feel more and more all different energies flowing through the air
all around you
into you
through you
in all directions.

May be you also see or hear the flow of divine prana healing.

May be you feel attracted to a particular tree or a few trees,
one by one
HUG the trees you feel attracted to
feel the healing flow of God's energy in nature
open your heart, surrender to God and become aware of how it feels
feel the difference between different God made sources of healing love in nature.

You may take your children along or friends
and have them enjoy and benefit God's gift of love as well.

Specially children are by nature open for all energy
and still FEEL the flow.

Improved health may result for all participating in such open heart nature walks.

Your Kriya Pranayama will be faster and more powerful
and your need for sleep much less.

One hour of slow open heart nature walk may replace 3-6 hours of sleep
and help you to fully recover from tiring work.
to be fit for God, for your loved ones at home and for your daily meditation and Kriya Yoga practice.

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