A need to trust partner

Trust is when you can say YES to your partner
without knowing details
without asking why
because you know from eternal past
that all is but true love and always has been true love ever since,
to make you happy.

Every husband wife relationship needs to be a relationship of trust
that however requires both to be actively spiritual and connecting to God.

Only a divine relationship with mutual roots in God
with both being fully reconnected with God on a permanent basis
can be blessed by mutual trust for each other.

Any other relationship is based on karma to be dissolved
and will always lack any real trust for your partner at all
because or your memories of past karma created together.

Trust in a relationship only can exist if both have true love for each other,
if any other reason for relationship than true love for your partner,
there never can be any trust at all.

Trust for partner depends on your love for partner
either you love all the way from the very bottom of your heart and soul
and you have full trust
you have fake love or limited love
or you have no trust at all.

True love can easily be proven to each other
in thousands of ways each year, each day
to give your partner the prove of love beyond doubt
that results in trust beyond doubt.

To create clarity about being used or being loved
to know if there can be absolute trust for partner
or no trust at all.

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