True lover vs fake lover

How to recognize the difference between true lover and fake lover:
A true lover always only loves
= always keeps forgiving
a fake lover condemns, revenges, retaliates, punishes.

Only true lovers really are sincere God-seekers
all others just pretenders to get some love from you
without giving anything of value to you.

Every true lover always can instantly and fully prove true love beyond even any smallest doubt.
Anyone refusing instant and full proof of love or searching for delays or justifications to delay,
proves beyond doubt to be a fake lover,
hence a liar to the face of God
as well as a liar to the one you pretend to love or to have loved.

There is no grade or percentage of true or fake lover
either you are 100% true lover
or 100% fake lover.

Only 100% true love is sufficient for a happy relationship
everything else belongs into trash or divorced or needs to be dissolved in love.

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