Switching body - switching souls

Human beings are spiritual beings called soul
souls USE a body
just as a driver uses cars.

Souls also switch bodies when needed
just as drivers switch vehicles as needed.

The results are walking zombies
bodies without soul
people (bodies) with changing personality from switching souls.

A partial exception is a body without soul living inside,
but soul attached to the body with a thin connection like a navel.
The reason for such is attachment to either a single person
or attached to unfinished business, unsolved property, unsolved last will, etc
forgotten to surrender to God by the soul otherwise free from body and karma.

When you die or do Maha Samadhi,
surrender all to God,
finished and unfinished business,
success and failure,
all your past and all your karma - good or bad,
surrender all your memories of all your entire eternal past!

The effect of empty body (zombie) can be perceived instantly
the effect of a body switching souls may be delayed and only perceived by truly spiritual humans.

Only a truly spiritual person may perceive such conditions
for all others such people (bodies) often just appear like "messed up" people.

When ever you condemn or punish a body
keep in mind that a totally different soul may be inside by the time of punishment
a soul such as your very own dead children or ancestors or loved ones who "died" earlier.

God never punishes
God loves
God guides
God teaches.

Your main lesson on earth is to do the very same!
To learn love like God in all situations of eternal life.

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