Stinginess always is self created

Stinginess always is self created
typically from blaming others for mishaps in own life
from lack of readiness to fully accept responsibility for own life and own karma.

Stinginess is a selfish, stubborn and stupid form of punishing others,
by withholding love for others.

Sometimes people even blame God for what happens
or for being here on earth.

While at all times all had a full and free choice
to love or refusing to love
or punishing.

Rejection of full responsibility for own karma
results in punishing others
by withholding love, or reducing love or rejecting love.

Stinginess also results in giving less than maximum performance at work
less than maximum quality or productivity
for doing less than max, less than best possible
or searching for less challenging jobs, easy jobs.

Looking for easy money jobs is a clear manifestation of stinginess.
Stingy people are poor lovers and need to be avoided until fully self-healed!

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