12 steps toward global peace

Peaceful life in nature oriented communities

Most critical steps toward social peace among all cultures and all mankind.

Simple steps we all can contribute to end all social tension among different cultures, races, genders and religions on earth and beyond. Avoid actions that cause provocation. Be humble and focus on usefulness in real work rather than expansion of our activities. When traveling or being a guest of another culture, integrate into traditions as much as possible while remaining true to your heart.

Global peace starts with our own individual contribution

  1. Refrain from war and practice modesty and humbleness in all your actions. Focus on your own spiritual development. Get in peace within, with your own role as creature made by God. Establish a strong potential of helpfulness and usefulness on a purely humanitarian basis.
  2. Reduce social tensions by refraining from extremism, activism and fanaticism. That includes such simple parts of life as to refrain from dressing in a particular way to show the world your membership of a particular religion, culture or secular group. True love of any culture and any religion can best be proven by action of love rather than outer signs of dress code. Dress casually in happy colors, specially when visiting other countries or cultures.
  3. End exploitation and abuse by paying honest wages and export true values rather than cheap work. A honest wage is exactly the same as you earn.
  4. Honor the expertise and treasures of others the same way you would love others to honor your own valuable work and useful services offered to the world.
  5. Honor God made nature as being more important than profits and expansions.
  6. Learn to live integrated in nature rather than to impose yourself onto nature. The planet can easily live without humans, but humans need a healthy planet with God made nature to survive.
  7. Learn to accept nature as being more important than any and every technology. Life of humans, animals and all nature always has priority over any technology.
  8. Reduce global tensions by withdrawing your actions from global level back to your own individual world inside you and within your home and family.
  9. Be fully transparent in all your actions and regain global trustworthiness.
  10. Withdraw support for extremism and terrorism by reducing your greed for more profits at any price. End any support of industries, authorities or organizations that are involved in war or any actions against nature, humans, animals or creation as a whole. The full withdrawal of all your support is more powerful than any sanctions or ware against anything. Beware of what you work and who or what you support with your work and resources created. You can withdraw your support without hating, without being at war, just by ending any financial, material or support in kind of work or otherwise of whatever or whoever causes damage to planet, nature or global society.
  11. Be honest in all your actions. Learn to say what you mean, to mean what you say and do what your heart says. Always follow your heart above all other laws. God's law of love is above all laws made by mankind on earth.
  12. Practice and apply an attitude of Christmas love toward all situations all year long. Practice a full Christmas pardon on a regular basis to assure no one is excluded from your love and help. Whatever you do to others, you also do to God.

If in any doubt about what action to take. It is better to refrain from any action than to do something you may regret after damage done. If you always follow your heart, you always sure when an action feels good. Any doubt always is sign and proof that action wrong.

God is Love

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