Problem solving

Learn to avoid problems
rather than solving problems

To learn to solve problems is vital. Even better however is to learn and to know how to avoid problems is much cheaper and easier than solving problems. Problems are self-created and usually the result of lacking spiritual education or lack of inner guidance = intuition or missing choices or wrong choices in life. Many problems in life such as wrong partner, often result in many years, decades or a full lifetime wasted and expenses up to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

The complete teachings of love "Spiritual Treasures" contain thousands of pages solutions of love and spiritual lessons of love to get out of problems and stay out of problems all life long. This brief chapter contains just a short overview of some key points to help you stay out of troubles in life.

Never trust junkies or other drug addicts or drug users and alcoholics


Junkies try to ESCAPE their karma, spiritual lessons and useful work instead of FACING ALL challenges of life like real men and fix what needs to be fixed or dissolved in LOVE.

Eventually a junky may betray or even SELL own woman or children or best friends or country or anyone else just for another shot.

Drugs and alcohol of ALL and ANY kind make weak:

ALL have one final option:
To ask God for mercy when the end of life has come.

ALL can do one final love prayer "Dear God, please love me free"

Never trust humans in easy jobs, office or administration jobs or government jobs


All those who chose easy life, easy money jobs, easy work are lazy = stingy and weak; too weak to be trustworthy, too weak to be able to perform truly important work when you REALLY need someone with helping hands or helping mind in life or during your work FOR GOD.


If ever you need helpers, chose among hard working ones, who CARE, like medical care, rescue teams, humanitarian workers, farmers, construction workers and the likes. Chose among those who were moving thousands of metric tons, walking any distance, working any job, dirty, dangerous or hard, to serve mankind's most BASIC NEEDS.

those feeding mankind

those caring for all

those providing water and shelter for others

those having given their life to God and God's cause to bring ALL home

all such is for ego only!

God guides all creation and thus also all humans with wisdom and infinite love, hence no further guidance nor distraction needed. Loving people receive any time, any place always the most accurate, most loving and most efficient guidance - for free and instantly.

God is Love

= no legal stuff

= no domination of others

= no profits at expense of others

Just love and loving work for ALL, for the mutual benefit of ALL creation humans and OTHER beings, including nature.

Stay within your own limits

Human limits are expandable and depend mostly on your own efforts and your motivation. To stay within own limits includes as well our self created pollution.

Finally, the only one single human person you may trust when it really counts is YOU, if YOU know that you have expanded your own limits beyond human limits.

That trust in yourself only is possible:

Keep ALL your life and work simple and easy to control, easy to adjust, easy and instantly to correct if you drift from your life-goal.

Be ready to lose all to regain freedom to do the right thing making others and your own heart and soul happy.

In spiritual communication

Always pray to God only and only accept help from God or truly God sent ones.

Never criminalize NOR legalize wrong doing, never fight nor support nor suppress wrong doing, keep loving all and stay out of other people's life and experiences unless asked to help by the one needing help. Other beings need their own experiences to learn and spiritually grow. Self made experiences are of greater value than lessons learned from theory or enforced teachings.

Remind people of the RIGHT path of love, without condemning their wrong actions, to give people a chance for change ALL by themselves.

Changes to the good never can be imposed nor enforced

Peace never can be enforced

Love never can be enforced

It all has to mature from within each and every being,
human, animal and other beings alike.

To be of eternally lasting nature, all changes need to come from WITHIN each and every being. For many this may take Billions of human years


compared to eternal freedom in God's world of love
even Trillions of years may lastly feel but like one short nightmare
resulting in most loving beings:

God never judges.
God never condemns.
God only loves.

God always gives:

Hence, the very moment a person has changed to a loving being all his past has vanished.
Only mortal humans keep refreshing OLD mistakes
Only mortal humans keep retaliating or punishing, what might be long time dissolved in love, forgiven in love.

God made men, God made women

Anything else like homosexuality, trans-sexuality, etc. is made by mortal humans in an attempt to escape MOST essential spiritual lessons to accept self as is.

Look into a mirror at your body:

You either have a male anatomy and thus are MAN
you have a female anatomy and are a woman.

Men are made to love women
to make women happy
and to be enjoyed by women.
Women are made to love men
to make men happy
and to be enjoyed by men.

Mutual children are gifts from God and God always to be God father to all children. Hence always present all your children to God to make God the only true home for all your children. Then and only then can all your children feel safe and feel at home in God.

For now on earth::

Many children never presented to God,
hence many mortal humans have

Because most of humans on earth NEVER ever have been at home in God, but God has adopted in his infinitely loving heart ALL mankind;

There is ONE God for all creation

For all stars
for all universes
visible to human eyes and beyond

That ONE God loves all

Start loving all like God and start to feel and behave here and now on earth like a member of ONE family of love.

On wrong path all steps are wrong

Sometimes you start wrong business, marriage with wrong person, wrong travel or other adventure in life.

As soon as you are aware, change ALL. Divorce, go bankruptcy or dissolve wrong business, accept full responsibility for your own wrong decisions, then restart all from scratch. Divorce peacefully without any financial settlements. Share all debts and all assets upon divorce and give freedom, part as friends rather than revenging enemies.

If in wrong job or wrong industry, leave wrong path and restart from scratch on a path of love, in a loving industry, even if it means starting from zero all the way again.

Patching and repairing damages on wrong path still maintains wrong path, just as the bailout of wrong money oriented industries on our planet will keep all wrong alive, at the expense of all humans, with an even greater collapse to come later on.

Be ready to drop all wrong in life, no matter the price, then restart all from scratch, no matter the efforts.

On path of love ALL life, all work is much more efficient and much more successful than any repairing and patching and bailout on wrong path of life.

Your greatest financial loss in life, may ultimately turn out into your greatest blessing in your life on your final trip HOME to God.

Instead of fighting the wrong or "bad", support God and Love. Love above all in absolutely all situations of life!

Love and only love is the ONLY solution to all problems on earth and beyond for all eternity.

Never start a love-relationship with someone having debts

No matter what the causes of debts, nor the amount of debts.

Debts always mean that a person considers self more valuable and more important than others. Spending more for own wellbeing, own comfort and own happiness than spending love and money for the happiness of others. That state of mind means you are going to be neglect all the way all life long or until divorce. Sooner or later either you would look and find a really caring and loving partner or divorce in revenge. Revenging divorce in such situations often is out of pain of having been neglect all time. Persons with debts either want to pretend to be and to have more than they actually are and have. Hence they are like shiny soap bubbles, lots of glitter and nothing inside. People with debts thus make poor lovers as they invest more in own happiness than in your happiness. They are focusing in enjoying life rather than to earn joy of life by honest and hard work and by creating joy of life for others.

In love-life and love-relationships, there are no credit cards to borrow love to give to a hungry lover. Either you have learned during past and present lifetimes to create power of love and to make happy until love has become your innermost nature or you fail in any love relationship or marriage and face a more or less ugly and expensive divorce!

A lover needs love and is hungry for love, every day, many times a day, all kinds of love God created. A person preoccupied with worries how to finance and pay back all debts, eventually may engage in non-loving, selfish or destructive professional practices, greed, stinginess or even crime. Just to fulfill the legal requirements and to meet the pressure exerted by banks or private money sources. A person under such pressure makes a bad lover or no lover at all.

It is much easier for a true lover to offer a simple life, but a life free from outside influences, a life in freedom to enjoy loving and being loved. Happiness and romance need freedom and peace. Debts of any kind and any amount destroy peace of mind and heart and thus destroy the very basics of life needed for true and lasting love-relationship and a happy family.

Never start a love-relationship with someone having impaired or crippled senses or crippled body

You can love all people, that is a goal for all mankind. You can share all your money with all those in need. But there is no need to start a love relationship based on pity just because someone is wearing glasses or a hearing aid or lives in a wheel chair!

Being crippled by any means (accident, illness or from birth) always is a direct reflection of the spiritual situation of that soul. A crippled soul, a human with a crippled attitude, sooner or later may encounter a body and health directly reflecting his inner state. Most serious karma and most serious crippled state of spiritual mind and heart leads to crippled body, crippled vision or blindness or other most severe impaired body function or impaired senses.

All such is the result of most extreme and persistent ego in past lifetimes as well as up to date in present life. Such persons / souls have spiritual lessons to be learned that are best learned if ample time alone is given. Loneliness for a full lifetime is little in exchange for possible successful learning of basics of love resulting in rejoining loving society for the remainder of eternity.

Help all those living with crutches of any kind, but stay out of a love-relationship or sexual relationship. Sooner or later you will miss true love and eventually have to fight for your freedom to be loved and made happy by a healthy person.

Help and share where needed but accept the spiritual need of those with impaired senses or impaired body for more time to be shared just for self-evaluation and self-study of spiritual topics. People with impaired body functions above all need years or lifetime to learn direct communication with God and to re-establish a relationship based on love, with God and all creation.

All humans are entitled to be fully loved, all eternal life. All humans have a spiritual responsibility and duty to maintain perfect health or regain perfect health at any cost and any effort to maintain a state of mind and heart needed to be a perfect lover as made by God!

One full lifetime of loneliness and time for self evaluation and time for God most of the time is the only true cure needed for a holistic healing. Deep loneliness over an extended period of time or a full lifetime on earth eventually may lead to the readiness to make any effort needed to become a full member of loving society again. No tricks, no pity, no ego game to attract attention or indirect love, just love in exchange of love.

Never start any love-relationship with a single parent receiving financial support from divorced partner.

To have a baby is a gift of love from God.

To have a baby by mortal women is needed as a source of love. Since mortal women are victim of female pride and ego as much as men, without a source of love a soul dies. Since most of mankind has lost God as a source of love, babies are an easy replacement.

Rarely ever do women surrender babies to their fathers. Divorced women fight for custody, because they fight for the source of love as well for the source of fun and sunshine in life. Children always are a sunshine in the life of adults. If you get paid for being loved by children, for having fun and enjoying children, then you may be considered a prostitute. Only prostitutes charge for being loved! At the same time women use and abuse children as a means of leverage to obtain maximum financial support from divorced father and for using custody and visiting rights as means of punishing ex.

Selfish woman typically wish 2 or maximum 3 babies, enough for a happy life with lots of love and hugging from children, enough children to obtain sufficient financial support to have a happy life paid by ex. Typically central European and north America's divorce culture and divorce law always favors mothers over fathers. Fathers pay for mothers to enjoy babies and baby love. A long lasting revenge game between male and female world. In such mother favoring cultures you rarely ever if at all find mothers who surrender all custody rights to fathers, except if paid to do so.

If having children as a single mother is too hard or too expensive for mothers, simply surrender all rights and all custody to the father of your children and ask for free visiting rights.

Without custody of children however mothers lose all possibilities to revenge or to obtain financial support. Often the only reason to have children from a particular man is to use those children as means of revenge and punishment toward father.

A single or divorced mother still receiving support for enjoying love and happy times with children keeps revenging and thus is totally immature for true love toward any new partner. Mistakes made in this lifetime, have been made for thousands and sometimes millions of years.

If you start a new relationship and ask "how many babies would you like to have?" and the answer is 1, 2 or 3, then you may expect a later divorce. If the answer is "any number - whatever God gives" or a large number such as "a dozen", then you may expect that partner to truly love you. Just for love and nothing else but true love for you.

Never engage in a relationship with a partner who wants to have babies "later"

A mature adult either is ready now to have a partner and free flowing love now, or that later eventually never may happen at all. Never expect a partner to be more mature, stronger or more loving later. A human being - just like in animal kingdom - either is fully mature and ready now, or you may enter a relationship with an expensive divorce waiting to happen.

Maturity as a female or male is the sum and result of all previous reincarnations and never the result of a few years or decades more or less in this lifetime. There are 16 or 18 year old humans more mature than others with 60 or 80 years ever may become in this lifetime. When choosing a partner, look at what you get now, the very first moments you meet. That's all you may ever get from that person in this lifetime.

Never engage in a love-relationship with a partner still living with parents

Mama-sons or daddy-girls make poor lovers and are unfit for true love and happy relationship. An adult should be at least several years away from home, better even a few years in foreign remote provinces or foreign countries before being strong in life and mature for true love relationship.

Having mother in law or father in law in same apartment or house as a young couple is a sure recipe for disaster and divorce. Every family needs a home alone, for love and romance free from outside influences.

Old people still have work to do and lessons to be learned, no matter the age, until days before death. Old single people or widows need lonely time all alone with self and God to get in peace and learn from mistakes made with partner who left our planet earlier. Truly spiritual partners die together, either same day or within days or weeks. Our global reality usually leaves women a life expectancy of approximately 4 years more than male partner. These are most vital years of loneliness and missing husband to review the many rejections of love and situation of female pride. Lessons needed before progressing to new relationship in worlds beyond our planet. Any distraction by younger generations, by watching TV endlessly, etc would further slow or delay spiritual learning needed.

Never start a relationship with a person just coming out of a broken relationship

While it is widespread to jump from one bed to another, from one broken relationship to next one and give a broken heart to new partner and thus to have a new partner listening to or fixing own past problems, such behavior is wrong and leads to disaster and divorce.

Your problems are your problems alone and your sole and full responsibility alone. Never give problems or your own past karma to a new partner. Give a cleaned up heart matured to love more than ever before.

Relationships and marriages do break apart due to too much ego, too many mistakes made and above all due to too little true spirituality to actually have true love flowing and maintaining a love-relationship.

several years of clean up of own mistakes, own karma and learning own selfish behavior with complete correction of such is needed before a new relationship should be started.

Never start a relationship with someone who "needs" you.

People saying "I need you" or "I can not live without you" are too weak to live on their own, thus too weak also to make you truly happy. Instead such people look for a strong shoulder to help carry the burden of their own ego and karma.

Such is a sure recipe to later disaster and brake up of marriage/relationship!

Weak people need others in life, strong people enjoy others and create additional joy in the life of others. Rather than being a burden who needs a strong partner, become strong in your own life first to be a strong partner and powerful source of joy and love in the life of others.

If you still need a baby sitter, then go back to your mama or papa or hire a baby sitter to take care of you until you strong and mature enough to make happy and to be a true lover for others.

Never start a relationship with a rich one

Rich people are either stingy or greedy or both, stingy and greedy. Financial wealth always comes from maximum profits at the expense of others, exploiting poverty, exploiting innocence of others, taking advantage of others. Financial wealth means people receive much more than they give - in love and relationship as well.

Never start a relationship with a jobless

There is and always was ample work for all to do to make this planet a better place for future generations. If someone stays jobless for more than a few weeks or very few months, then he either is lazy or too proud (too "qualified") to do any work that needs to be done. No matter the degrees and education, at some period in eternal life, all may have to do dirty work, simple work, helper work, clean up work, community service - any kind of work that needs to be done to keep this planet and all society running smoothly. No education and no wealth protects from the need to do real physical work. The current global tendency to increase education level of all or of as many as possible is nothing else but a failed attempt to bypass or to avoid dirty and heavy work waiting to be done.

The global society never can live from products of industry or cities, but from food and natural food products produced by real humans working on farms, outdoors in nature and in gardens.

Even kings, emperors and princes, doctors, professors and spoiled kids from the wealthy and mighty families have to learn to do any kind of work before returning home to God. Thus there is no excuse at all for having no job over an extended period of time. Lazy or spoiled people make poor lovers as well and thus are but a divorce or break up waiting to happen. Chose hard working honest and humble persons as a partner for a happy and lasting relationship.

Thousands of more situations to avoid

The more you live on in a wrong life or non-loving life or on wrong path of life, the more new situations occur in your life. Instead of publishing thousands or more new chapters for all new problems you are able to create, I have given you the complete teachings of love including the sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga. The more you practice divine love in your life, the less wrong situations are created by you and the easier your life becomes. It is your duty to either accept all the karma you create - at your own expenses and without burdening your self created problems onto others


to stop creating new problems and to start adjusting and re-orienting your life on the basis of love. In a loving life in daily contact with God, all humans are blessed by God's permanent spiritual guidance to always know and feel what decisions are right and which ones are wrong.

Dear God, please love me free

God is Love

Pray to God: "Dear God, please love me free"

And God's love shall set you free as soon as you drop any retaliation, any revenge, any punishment.

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
pray to God only
return home to God on a path of love, in a life of love.

Heart of Love

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