Spoiling children

Spoiling children keeps children weak and dependent
exposing children to real life with all its dangers and evil
and showing children with your own loving example,
will prepare children to grow strong and be safe,
makes children aware of evil reality on earth
and importance to grow strong in love and to return home to God.

Children need to be aware of real life situations and complications on earth. The only way to make children aware of real life truth is by exposing your own children to real life on earth, including real life disasters, crimes committed by mankind, hunger and starvation, war and its atrocities, etc.

Loving and God connected parents may accompany children through such learning experiences of real life atrocities and problems of this planet and showing how to avoid or solve such situations and change for a better and loving future.

Corruption, betrayal, dirty war, spying on others, torture, abuse of human life, exploitation of human resources, endangering life and endangering all planet on all levels of governments, administrations, organizations, industry, business or family levels are daily normal on our planet. Such behavior is totally wrong but reality on earth. Children need be aware of wrong vs right by seeing and comparing wrong vs right, of selfish behavior vs loving behavior else our children never learn to be loving adults later in life and career.

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