Soul vs body

To fully understand the difference or the relationship between soul and body is important. Here a few examples to bring you clarity.

From as technical point of view, we can compare the relationship between body and soul at least with 2 commonly known situations in our current world:

  1. A soul can be compared to a driver - a body to a vehicle. A human can be driver of a car, motor cycle, truck, bulldozer, ship, airplane, submarine, etc. Yet a driver still survives even if his vehicle is getting old, rusty, broken and rotten. Even if a driver's vehicle is old or damaged, the life of a driver goes on. A driver typically uses his vehicle for a particular reason. A boat for example to cross a river, lake or ocean. The intelligence and potential of a driver is much greater than his vehicle.
  2. Another comparison between soul and body is a modern computer. The core or "heart" of a computer is the motherboard with the CPU and a few other chips = in our case this would represent the human soul. The other part of a computer is the periphery = keyboard, monitor, harddrive, memory, video, sound. Typically a core of a computer has a much higher potential than the connected hardware. Most CPUs are faster than connected RAM and other components. Just as a human soul has a much greater potential than its body. The computer itself may break into pieces - the motherboard often still could be used, without monitor or a different monitor, without keyboard or a new keyboard, etc.

We humans are a spiritual soul and have / use a body as a vehicle.

The reason why a soul is embedded or imprisoned inside a body is simple = karma = missing true love toward all in all situations. The divine potential of a soul is and always was much greater than the potential of our body. The limitation experienced by our body however also limits the possible damage selfish non-loving humans can do to creation. Hence in ancient times when humans still were living with God in heaven, humans started to deploy the soul's potential for spiritual warfare, for dark magic and even for killing others by the power of mind and thoughts. Left overs of black magic still practiced by millions around the globe are memories of our dark past.

Being imprisoned in a body limits all out actions to a tiny fraction of our souls' potential. All we do in a human body requires more efforts, more time and in our physical world also more money. Hence all our actions are heavily restricted. The slowness of all our actions gives us more time to think about our intentions and thus give us more time for corrections before damage occurs.

A loving soul has no limits and is free to act because a loving soul has achieved freedom in God as a result of persistent, thousands or millions of years lasting loyalty to God in a life of only loving actions toward all creation - human and non-human alike.

The only reason why our soul inside our body is restricted is our ego and our willingness to revenge, to retaliate, to punish, to use, to exploit or to abuse others. Our body and the personality characteristics displayed by our body are a direct reflection of our souls' true nature and spiritual maturity.

If a car no longer is needed by a particular driver or first owner, then anyone else in need of such a vehicle may use the same. The car is still the same, but anyone else may be the driver. In a computer you may use all external hardware and use any other motherboard or CPU matching the basics of that computer. The outside of a computer is the same, the inside may be totally different.

The same applies for a human body and a human soul. If a soul has learned all love lessons or fulfilled all work to be done inside that body, then the soul may leave body and move either onward home to God or use another body or wait for another reincarnation to continue learning or repeat lessons missed or learn in the spiritual world without body. Spiritual learning can be done in any body, even animal body or without body if loving enough to live with less or without any restrictions.

Practical examples of same body but different soul are:

A soul is more alive than a body

True life starts when we are freed from our karma and thus free from our body-prison. A soul has more senses, better, clearer and more sensitive senses and is more active than our body ever can be. Made to the image of God! When we are free from our body, we start real life, we start real fun activities, loving activities, adventures and much more - including dancing and singing. Basically, we can do all we do in our body, but better, more intense and much more loving, except that we have all our God given senses back and we can enjoy life much more intensely than in our body ever possible.

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