Solutions to war end

War is proof of failure of politics and faith in the heart of all. Solutions to the end of any war requires a new start based on love for all.

War always is the result of failure by all. Hence when war ends, to start war tribunal or blame game is wrong solution. ALL need healing, all need forgiveness for actions of war or for omission to act timely to prevent war.

In all times of struggles, revolution and war,
some day there may be an end to all atrocities and animosities.

A full freedom regained by violence or revolution
only leads to peace of mind and peace of heart
when your freedom starts with a full pardon for ALL.

To free your hearts from pain of the past
to free your memories from past fears and atrocities
to open your memories for a happy future as a happy family
to free your heart for love needed to flow
to heal all your past.

Forget all the differences
differences in culture, tribe or religion
and focus on all you have in common.

ALL are children of God
made by God
made to love
ALL are made of love.
ALL are one family in God.
ALL have one home in God!

Forget about differences in religions
There is but ONE God for all creation ONE God for all stars you see and beyond
that one God for all is loving all equally
because God is Love.

YOU too are expected to love
to prove love even in darkest days
to live love even in most difficult times.

Reconciliation on the basis of love
leads to reunification of all
to be one family of love.

Prove greatness of your heart and mind
by dissolving law
and practicing love
by giving a full pardon to all parties
without any exception
Christmas time is a time of love
the teacher of love came to this planet for all
beyond religions
beyond cultures
beyond traditions
beyond and above politics.

To heal hearts and minds
to reunite all children of God
and to lead all home to God.

God made many children
all different from each other
all equal in their core
the core and heart of all
is a soul hungry for love from all and for all
a soul made to love and to be loved.

Let's reunite for a prayer of love
short and precise - one single sentence
made for all religions, men and women, old or young
any color, any race and all religions of God's creation
all need love in these times to gain peace and healing
by God's love for all his children on earth.

Learn to love
use the free resources offered efficiently to enhance your strength of love
and implement solutions of love in your own life
give your heart a chance to be loved and healed
NOW is the time for healing love to flow through you.

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