Poor eyesight

A healthy attitude and healthy lifestyle always result in perfect eyesight

Clear eyesight is a natural condition all received from God. Perfect health is a gift from God all have received and all with a healthy and loving lifestyle and attitude easily can maintain all life long. Some however wasted that divine gift. The reasons for blurred vision or impaired eyesight or even blindness can be manifold. The root cause however is wrong spiritual attitude and wrong lifestyle in all cases.

Then you are ready to spiritually see the truth, the full truth and nothing but truth and thus maintain a clear spiritual perception of your life and all aspects surrounding your life. Hence with a healthy attitude and open heart you conduct a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a clear eyesight all life long.

The more you deviate from a clear perception of your own spiritual situation and reality in your life and on this planet, the more your eyesight may sufferer and deteriorate.

The opposite extreme of healthy eyesight is blindness

Blindness is the last step before eternal death of a soul. Unless as a result of an accident (still karma). Blindness forces people to focus inward and to limit own action to minimum needed to survive. Such blind condition automatically gives ample time to reflect inward and review own life and thus to see own mistakes made and make corrections if willing to surrender ego to God and ready to start loving life in a possible future reincarnation.

Blind people - also blind by accident - have very limited possibilities to waste life for nonsense and useless, selfish stuff in life. Blindness gives one last chance for a change of heart and change in mind set. Blind people have little occasion to be detrimental to society, to harm society or others, to molest others or to abuse or exploit others. Blind people depend on others and thus have to become humble and ask for help, ask for favors, as for anything they want and need to survive. Tough lessons for extreme egos, but one last chance to adapt a more loving attitude toward all world and thus to survive as a soul.

spiritual cause of myopia

If you see only your present benefits and neglect the consequences in 50 or 5000 years of your current actions or inactivity. Then you are spiritually short sighted.

One such example is the wrong belief that doing lots of good karma for another better reincarnation is the goal and purpose of life. Karma of any kind always creates attachment. There is no eternal planet earth, hence there can be no everlasting cycle of reincarnation. Our only home is of spiritual nature and at home in God.

Our origin is God and our spiritual goal is to return to our spiritual world of love in God. Beyond this planet and beyond the universes of separation and selfishness.

Shortsightedness (Nearsighted; myopic) means distant objects appear blurred. Shortsightedness also has its spiritual component. The far future appears blurred due to lack of spiritual development or too tormenting presence.

Shortsightedness typically may have 2 major causes:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Physical

There may be very rare other causes for shortsightedness such as side effects of medication or toxic effects of environment, etc.

Spiritual cause of shortsightedness

Spiritual cause may result from following wrong spiritual philosophy or spiritual path. For example those humans following a path of ever repeating reincarnation. To enjoy next incarnation, those people create and accumulate good karma to enjoy pleasant future incarnation.

That is a complete wrong perception of absolute truth. Even simple common sense tells you that THIS planet is of temporary nature. Even if "temporary" may mean another few million or billion years, it still is temporary relative to our eternal life. In reality this planet is a living being and subject to large cycles. Even without current ongoing destructive pollution, the planet may no longer be suitable for human life after a few hundreds to a few thousand years based on many other factors affecting our planet. Thus an ever repeating cycle of reincarnation is a spiritually distorted perception of the future of a human being and thus creates a distortion of our soul based on wrong intellectual beliefs and teachings enforced upon our soul.

Our true nature is spiritual and our all goal is to end the cycle of reincarnation as soon as possible. If you create and remain attached to good karma, then your karma may pull you back on earth and force you into another reincarnation.

Correct spiritual teaching is to surrender ALL to God. To create but loving actions and loving result and surrender day by day all your actions and results as well as unfinished jobs and unsolvable problems to God. That frees you from any attachment to anything material on earth, including your family or loved ones and best friends. If you surrender all to God on a day to day basis and some day your learning to forgive, to reconcile and to love is successful, then your cycle of reincarnation is ended and you move onward toward your home in God. Those learning consciously and efficiently may successfully all spiritual lessons and directly return home to God. Others learning only partially but sufficiently to end the cycle of reincarnation may move out of the cycle of reincarnation but may have to continue learning to forgive, to reconcile and to love until ready to return home to God.

Shortsightedness is
when you see today's benefits
and overlook tomorrows consequences.


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