Revolution of Love
- a revolution with love as the only means
- a revolution with love as the only "weapon"

Revolutions have been conducted by mankind since thousands of years
on this planet and beyond
on this planet most of them with weapons
all of the armed Revolutions only had losers
any war only has losers
killing others never creates a victor
suppressing others never creates a victor

every policeman is a loser
every soldier is a loser
until they turn into lovers - with Love

every king is a loser
every president is a loser
every manager is a loser
every boss is a loser
until they become lovers - with Love

dissolving your ego in Love
only creates victors
only Love can dissolve your ego
love only can win any revolution by creating victors

most people may fear Love
all governments on earth do fear Love
because Love is more powerful than all their weapons
Love is more powerful as all their armies and police forces
Love is more powerful as all death penalties and suppressions announced

Love is the key to the door that allows you to escape any prison,
any country, any refuge, any palace, any place on earth

Love guides you on a secret path of Love to me, to your heavenly father, in Love, with Love
you only have access and full control to this secret door, deep within you
this door is kept open for you by my Love eternally
when you withdraw from any earthly struggle
drop any possession and attachment on earth
to easily pass through this door of Love made for you

love never can bee controlled
as love controls all
as all is made of Love
nothing can control Love
but love controls all

without love - nothing is

now is the time for the final Revolution
a Revolution of Love
it only can have winners

the most effective Revolution of any kind is the Revolution of Love
make all changes instantly
by fully focusing on the development of Love
Peace and Freedom will result

leave all others who still want to fight
just leave them
with Love

leave all the money to those who made it
it is written on each money who is the owner
leave it - return it to the owner if he wants it
and find peace and freedom in Love

have you ever attempted to eat money ?
it is hard if at all to digest
but you can eat carrots, apples, vegetables, fruits, ...
they all grow for free on your land
I gave all planet to you, to all mankind
never intended anyone to possess it
never intended anyone to control it
never intended anyone to sell or buy it
it all has been given for free to all of you in equal shares
to take care of it as long as you need it
with Love
for free
as Love always is free
all I ever give you and gave you
always has been free and will be free
just for Love

I make all your food grow - with Love, for free
I make all your hearts beat - with Love for free
I make all the healing herbs - with Love for free
I made all inventions - with Love for free
I gave all inspirations - with Love for free
I have done so and will do so - from eternity to eternity

what do you need money for ?
if all important things are free - for love, with Love
have you ever tried to give money to a tree ?
did the tree make more fruits or better ones or bigger ones ?

leave all those things that separate you from God to those who like it or those who made it
be free and do what you love most - but do it with Love

a revolution of love will make you all free
because even those who possess you
all those who manage you
all those who govern you
all those who reign you
are possessed by their idea of possessing you
they all lost their own freedom
lost all love needed
they all take your life, your love, your energy, your life force to live on
they all have forgotten to love
love is the only key to open the door to their own source of Love
dwelling deep within - eternally
when you turn away from them all
orienting toward your source of Love
they all starve of Love
search for love
find their own source of Love
find me
deep inside them all
I have been waiting with Love
deep inside them all
from eternity to eternity
with Love
nothing but Love - for them all - for you all - in Love

just imagine how peaceful a war

if all mankind loves
none has time to fight
they all spend all time to love - nothing but love

how weak an army empty soldiers
how weak a government empty of policemen

what will happen to all these fighters left behind - left alone
what will happen to all the kings, presidents
- left alone with all their wealth and all their fear
I will love them all
take care of them all
in Love - with Love

how free a planet without restriction
how happy a planet without rules and laws

how happy a planet full of Love
as love only prospers in freedom

I am free - because I am Love
you are free - because you are made to my image
like a bird only gets birdies
God only gets God-babies, sometimes called angels

once you have grown up
you are Gods made of Love, made to love, made to be free

before all has been reached, you all understand and become aware of all creation's principles
and learn to apply the principle of divine Love - eternally
in Love - with Love

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