How to reach your goals

If you look at a goal in life
and that goal seems HIGH or FAR for you,
just learn to grow stronger
make many small steps toward that goal.

Increase efficiency and improve efforts toward that goal
and suddenly all the many small steps you made day by day
for years, decades or a full life
made your goal within easy reach for you.

Just look or calculate how many kilometers you walked in life
in many small steps from baby age to school kid
to adult jogging or walking.

ADD up the kilometers for a months or year of your life
then multiply by the years you did so.

Now at mid age you may see that you walked many thousand kilometers
even a few ten thousand kilometers.

Yet if someone would ask to to walk 5000 kilometers across your continent
you may say "impossible" - "too far".

But if you look at the one example above and the real numbers you got,
you see that even far away goals are well within reach in your life.

Every goal in life can be reached by simply adding many daily small possible steps and efforts toward that goal, until one day you are one with your goal.

Many people may easily have walked once around the world in a full lifetime with all the daily small walks to grocery store, school, work, playing with children, etc. That is what a human can achieve in a life, you as well. To reach out for far goals and actually reach those goals within a single lifetime.

The same applies to all goals in life,
spiritual goals or professional goals as well.

It just is a matter of worthy goals. Are your goals worthy to work years or a full lifetime, step by step, day after day until you realized your goal.

Your way home to God is nothing else but a lifetime of loving work, loving steps always blessed by God. If your goal is God, then all you need to do is many daily steps toward more loving life until you become one with God.

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