Praise the Lord

The most efficient way to "praise the Lord"
is to help the needy ones
to share with those in distress
to work for God by being helpful and useful for all humanity and creation.

Thousands of hours in churches and temples
thousands of times bowing to sculptures of stone
never can replace in value one single week entirely dedicated helping the poorest ones.

One full lifetime worshiping God while enjoying an office life
never can replace one single decade fully working for God
by working in humanitarian projects, disaster areas, countries at war or feeding the poorest and needy ones or healing illness and wounds of injured ones.

At the end of your days on earth,
all that really matters and counts are your actions of love in helping others and sharing with others less fortunate than you.

If you can say "I did my very best all my life", then you can be sure God shall do his very best and most loving to uplift you home by the end of this lifetime.

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