The power of people

There is one power always much more powerful than ANY government
the people of a country!

There is one power always infinitely more powerful than all planets and universes combined

God is Love

God always supports people, never governments, authorities or industries.
However all governments, authorities and industries are made of people by people.
It is those people' duty to abide by God's law of love and refrain from creating their own selfish law to restrict freedom of people or control people or punish people or abuse people or exploit people.

Every government, authority and industry has to serve its people for the mutual benefit of all creation.

God always supports suppressed people striving for freedom, peace and love
refrain from any revenge or retaliation or punishment
forgive and reconcile
and focus on your freedom for all
minorities, male or female
all religions
are all children of God
of equal rights and equal standing before God!

A FULL Christmas pardon for all
is the next step toward lasting peace and growing love among all.

Love only can grow in total freedom
its time for love to grow
its time for global freedom for all
listen to your hearts and do only what feels good in your heart.

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