Perfection in life

Perfection in life is a major spiritual goal to achieve.

God is perfect. Mankind is made to the image of God
made of love - made to love.

To love means zero damage of any kind to anyone else
zero loss of any kind
zero pain to human, nature, animals and all creation
zero damage
zero damage to nature
zero damage to our planet
zero damage to all creation
zero cost to others
zero cost to God.

God's perfection has created a world of love
where all possible human errors are caught in a divine rescue plan
to safe whatever gets lost
to protect whoever gets in danger
where emergency procedures are implemented to compensate for all mortal humans' errors.

To strive for absolute perfection in life is a mandatory goal and duty for each and every one among us.

To achieve perfection in life in all we do, we need to:

An all inclusive simple rule to successfully reach the goal of perfection is to always stay within your limits!

Do only whatever you can do perfectly - all else exceeds your limits and thus either creates karma or expenses for others that you have to compensate in full some day later or during any later reincarnation.

To be perfect in all you do is easy to learn in a simple life amidst a natural God made environment. Learn to shrink to a healthy size lifestyle until all you do in life can be done perfectly.

All imperfection we find on earth is the result of mankind's selfish behavior and lack of love toward creation, mankind, nature and God. Learn about God and Love to achieve perfection in your life.

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