Parents and Children
from the point of view of the parents
Parents as hosts of your God given children


You the Parents

have made Love some time ago
babies never create themselves, parents create babies
Souls never have Sex with future Parents, Parents have Sex with each other, making babies, attracting Souls

you the Parents have created a physical body for a Soul to be attracted
- coming to you into that baby body of yours

hence it is your sole responsibility that Children are in your home now

you have attracted a Soul to come from heaven into your home
now it is up to you to create heaven on earth for your Children in your home

treat them like Angels
love them like Angels
Angels always are free
Angels always are made by me

and before and after all remember:

they have been given to you by me
given as your Guests
given to make you happy, to receive your Love

to make you happy they need your Love
with your love they love you

now they are in your home to be loved by you
and to love you
loving you is only possible if you treat them like my children
like beings of Love and Light, like Angels of Love
because mine they always have been
they always have the right to return to me, any time, any day
I always have the right to recall them back to my Love, any time any day
whenever they are missing your Love - they return to me to still their hunger of Love

and one day they all return to me

Parents - mothers and fathers

Parents are mothers and fathers made to the image of God

Mothers and fathers are the ones who love like God ..
take care of others first - to help them grow strong and wise
while making each others happy at the same time

parents are living examples for all children
parents are guardian angels of all children
parents are sources of love for all children
parents are a home for all children
parents are a source of God for all Children
to bring all children home to God

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