Mourning - Why do people mourn

If you whine for lost ones
if you mourn for weeks or months with aching heart ...

Then you have missed to truly love the lost ones while here among you
no true lover whines for someone returning home to God
true lovers feel the happiness of all returning home to God
and bliss all enjoy when arriving at home in God.

Mourning and whining only is for those without true connection to God
for all those without true love for God
for all those without true faith in God
for all those without true knowledge about God and eternal life.
The one with a coconut like closed heart mourns and whines.

If you fail to feel the joy and happiness
then your heart is simply too closed like coconut and needs to be broken first.

The pain in your heart is the pain you caused to the one left
for omitting to fully and truly love as much as could have been possible
while the departed one still here on earth.

Your mourning and crying eventually breaks your heart
opens your heart
and some day you too may feel God's love
and know about the temporary purpose of life on earth.

The true God lover is open for God's love
and thus feels all the joy and bliss from those arriving at home in God
hence true God lovers with open heart are happy for loved ones
being released from imprisonment on earth
now enjoying freedom in God.

All the tears shed after death of loved ones
are tears of self pity.

When you mourn for a "death one"
you prove to have failed to love him
and to reconcile in full with him
you, the one left behind on earth
are the real victim.

The one left is the one saved by God's love, grace and mercy.

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