Mind your mind

Mind your thoughts and fantasies

Whatever you think
affects your environment's actions and words
as much as your own spoken words or actions.

Whatever you imagine in your fantasy or plan in secret
affects your environment's public reactions
as much as your own actions.

Beware your thoughts and fantasies
if all filled with true love only
then only love bounces back to you.

If your thoughts or fantasies threatening
then others react threatening in actions
as part of your very self created karma.

Karma results from thoughts, fantasies and actions alike.

Learn to control your mind to avoid a jumping mind. learn to love - to fill all mind and fantasy with love only.

Mind your mind
and beware of the consequences ALL the way
NEVER ever complain to police, God or authorities
if your thoughts and fantasies bounce back and hit you as full as your thoughts hit others.

While humans and judges condemn based on shortsighted views and tiny fractions of facts, God always KNOWS the absolute and eternal history of all.

Smart people reading carefully until understanding fully.

know that above means
- all your secret fantasies
- or your mental punishment exercises and plans
- all your sexual fantasies = butterflying while in relationship!
- all your war and other cruel fantasies
- all the thoughts you have playing games including computer games
... and all other thoughts a human ever may have,
are radiated into the world to attract matching karma.

Simple dropping of a fantasy
never dissolves such fantasy or thought-energy
just as simple dropping of waste never makes waste disappear.

To dissolve in love requires substantial efforts
just as dissolving toxic waste often is more expensive and more demanding
as the actual creation of toxic chemicals and toxic agents.

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