A man is for a woman

A man is for a woman
what Oxygen is for fire.

Without the love from a man
there is NO sparkling fire in a woman
there is NO sparkling beauty in a woman
there is NO purpose in the life of a woman.

men and women
are made FOR each other
to love each other
to make each other happy
to bring JOY into the life of each other and the world
and to bring joy into God's life as well!!!

Without oxygen,
every fire expires
without a woman
no man can create a sparking fire to enjoy life.

Without true connection to God
a man is of no value to a woman's fire of love.

Without true connection to God
a man is of no true value at all to a woman,
just another burden in her life
to keep her away from God and Love.

It is easier for a woman to join God without a man
rather than with a man empty of spiritual love
and missing true desire to love until one with God.

A woman without a God loving man as her partner
has to offer all her life to God
to return home into the world of love.

If instead a woman offers her life to career and money making jobs,
to social status and titles or celebrity status,
then a woman may fail one last time
and find herself again where she is now,
far away from God's world of love, ...
Amidst men without love and purpose of life,
lost in worlds of darkness and selfishness.

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