Stop imposing majority law upon minorities

If you stop imposing majority law upon minorities give autonomy and freedom to all within a simple framework of love then you stop having opposition and enemies.

In a society of true freedom, equality and fraternity
you have but friends
some of same opinion and lifestyle
some of totally different opinion and lifestyle
each and everyone enjoying his personal views and lifestyles
within his own territory
from family level to sectarian or tribal or community level of a nation of many different.

The fact that a majority agrees on a subject proves in no way that majority is wise and right.

If people on earth would all or mostly be wise or correct in their decisions,
then all would be at home in God
instead of being here on earth in self created hell far from our eternal home in God!

In democratic systems
a tiny minority may be right
yet be forced to follow a wrong path imposed or law enforced by the unwise majority.

The individual freedom for all to follow individual paths of life
is the only way to learn efficiently by trial and error method.

Trial and error method is what people on this planet mostly chose as their way of learning.

The more people try different wrong paths in life
the more likely you find one day the right path of loving life.

Truly wise people however follow God's path of love,
to learn to love without trial and errors
to learn to love in a most direct and efficient way.

The path of love however requires your full and clear perception of God's loving guidance,
clear perception is the result of conscious and persistent spiritual efforts to purify mind and dissolve ego
to learn in a life free of any harm to society or creation
a life free of any collateral damage of any kind.

Without clear divine perception of the absolute,
we have a blurred perception,
distorted by our ego,
leading to completely wrong majority decisions enforced upon minorities.

Democracy is as much a failed political system as dictatorship is.
The path of love leads to wisdom.
Wise men create solutions with unanimous consent and acceptance by absolutely all.

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