Minimum requirements for Maha Samadhi

A final accounting and inventory may help your Maha Samadhi.

We know that there is no minimum age for Maha Samadhi
but there are of course minimum requirements to enter Maha Samadhi.

Love for God and all creation,
the willingness and ability to fully surrender all to God
all that is left, finished and unfinished alike.

But above all you need to be sure you have successfully accomplished the purpose of your life this incarnation.

To do so, you need to know what the purpose of your life is
that will be revealed or become apparent after you practice intense full Kriya Yoga
including all aspects of love
useful and helpful work for the past several years
having helped or reconciled with your parents.

Typically you may be freelance or self employed
or you have for the past several years abandoned industrial or business oriented jobs
and have learned to practice a spiritual oriented life of usefulness and helpfulness
rather than an industry job or government job just for job security and money.

To be strong in life
to be mature in life
to be free in your own decision making
to be loving and spiritually oriented in all your life activities
to be free from any attachment to physical persons and material world
loyal to God above all
is a key part of all minimum requirements before entering Maha Samadhi.

Such includes active work until the end
but work of true usefulness beyond gadgets and industrial profits!

You chose your current parents for a precise reason
hence to have dissolved all
reconciled with
and finally surrendered your parents to God
is an essential part of Maha Samadhi preparation.

You also have chosen your current culture for a precise reason - its strengths and weaknesses. To have acquired all strengths and overcome all weaknesses of your native culture is essential for your basic lessons of life.

In addition, you have to prepare your children for their own life
give them the spiritual guidance or resources to find their own path of love home to God
and finally you have to surrender your own children TO God.

Remember how many years it took you to actively become deeply God oriented and spiritual in your own life?

Many needed to reach 40 years or more to actually start a conscious spiritual path toward God.
A spiritual seed may sleep deep inside your children and start to grow a few months or years after your own Maha Samadhi.

Contrary to some common wrong belief, spirituality is nothing to inherit by children,
it is something we all have to acquire by our own choices and decisions in life.
Nobody can be born Guru or Avatar just because father or mother may be such!

Hence to wait with your Maha Samadhi until children manifest deep spirituality and have started true spiritual practices would be completely wrong practice and a waste of your life. Contrary, it may be your homegoing that may trigger the actual spiritual seeds in your children to grow and develop. Staying on earth until your own children become spiritual would be like going to school and repeating school until your own children are graduated from same school.

Most spiritual humans have a multi purpose incarnation. The more spiritual you have been in earlier incarnations, the more different tasks you may had in your life plan. To be accomplished all at the same time simultaneously without extending your life on earth. Become aware of all, pray to God after many hours of Kriya Yoga to make you aware of all unfinished purpose in your life and ask God what of those goals or projects you had may be reasonable to accomplish and which one may better be dropped and surrendered to God.

There are other spiritual souls incarnating after you who would love to do some of the unfinished jobs you have left for them. Just remember that having something important and valuable to do in life makes sense to life and adds value to life of future spiritual souls arriving here.

Above all - Maha Samadhi requires you to be in love and in peace with God, with yourself, with your own sexuality and role as parents, partner of love, with all members of the opposite gender and with you as a spiritual being. If you understand the importance and value of love in all situations of life deep in your heart and soul and have acquired a habit of helping, sharing and solving your daily problems with love, then you have learned all vital lessons of life on earth.

Real life and real learning is eternal and starts after your return home to God.
Here on earth you learned the basics and did the basic lessons of love and practice of love.
Did you practice love in your profession, in your business, in recreation, politics and all your other activities?

If so, then you have done all the basic work and preparation to enter Maha Samadhi,
else go into review and self evaluation after deep prayers to God,
complete all important lessons and work to be ready for God and Love.

Maha Samadhi comes without prior announcement
during an intense, deep and most loving Kriya Yoga session.
A gentle slow down of your breathing
and slow down of your heart beat
until breathing stops and seconds later heart stopped as well,
then you have the sacred Mantram God is Love to bring you directly home to God, in an ocean of love uplifting you until you are one with God.

Maha Samadhi occurs when you no longer count the time or hours of practice,
when your practice is unlimited, endless
interrupted only by minimum needed daily duties.

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