Food recommendations for Maha Samadhi

The pre-stage of Maha Samadhi is Nirvikalpa Samadhi - The truly God loving moves on from Nirbikalpa Samadhi to Maha Samadhi within moments.

Both - Nirvikalpa Samadhi and Maha Samadhi - are states without breathing and without heart beat. Thus in Nirbikalpa Samadhi the soul still is fully attached to the body and inside the body for multiple possible reasons. Among others such reason may be lack of faith in God, lack of use of the sacred Mantram "God is Love", lack or willingness or spiritual maturity to surrender ALL to God. Or remaining micro ego that may free from need for further reincarnation but keep separated from God.

To enter Maha Samadhi always is preceded of a brief moment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, in which state the body is fully kept alive or nourished by light, by kundalini from God flowing through all your body cells.

To be able to do so a heavily purified physical body is a most helpful prerequisite. Hence detoxification of your body should be a daily default in all your spiritual life for many years preceding Samadhi. The complete teachings of love that accompany the teachings of Kriya Yoga contain all the necessary lessons on how to live in harmony with nature.

A final point to consider of course is your nutrition. Living from animals - i.e. non-vegetarian food - is far more than a question of violence. Even vegan or vegetarians may violate nature. ALL is life, all plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers or trees are living beings that suffer from your action, mind or emotions.

Another far more important factor in preparation for Maha Samadhi is to keep your body as free as possible from any toxins. ALL commonly sold and consumed meat product, from sea food, cattle or poultry, usually is stored for up to 3 days at a temperature above freezing to allow a limited controlled decay of meat. The purpose of such controlled decay of meat is to make it tender. People love to eat tenderloin, tender steak, tender fried chicken, etc. And by doing so people also absorb all the toxins that are created during the process of decay. Hence by eating non-vegetarian food people absorb toxins counter productive to your efforts on living on light during the advanced phases of Kriya Pranayama as it is practiced to enter Nirbikalpa Samadhi, with proper attitude automatically leading to Maha Samadhi if done as taught in the complete teachings of love given to you. There is a reason why the teachings of Kriya Yoga start at the root of the domain and include ALL chapters and main sections of the entire Cyberspace Ashram. That is why even on the diksha page, again is a reminder to read all and thus to practice all as a holistic part of Kriya Yoga practice!

In Nirvikalpa Samadhi you become one the the ocean of love, in Maha Samadhi you become one with the creator and source of the ocean of love. The vibration difference may be compared somewhat to the state of being one with the sunshine on earth in plain tropical hot sun and the state of being one with the sun and diving into the sun - while fully awake, conscious and alive more than ever before. This brief comparison may help you to understand the necessity and importance of keeping your physical body as pure and clean as possible as well as keeping thoughts and emotions as loving as possible. Every single moment in your life. Hence also the necessity to have the right job and living environment for the many years preceding Samadhi!

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