Love is like delicious food

Love is like delicious food
love needs ingredients
love needs to be properly prepared
love needs to be fully enjoyed.

Love needs to be fresh prepared every times
love needs to be consumed in full with joy each times
be spontaneous
enjoy to vary each time
have courage to follow your heart
if love stored for later - then love like milk = spoiled.

Ingredients for love may be manifold - infinite-fold
and depend on use of your God given creativity.

The key ingredient for love however always is God's Love.

Hence to be open for God's love is essential for all lovers.

Additional basic ingredients for happy love life are:
love for God
the choice of most loving woman and most loving man
true friends.

Love then needs to be properly prepared - with ...
open heart
love for all others
love for all creation
and of course love for the one you are going to consume and enjoy!

A lover is like a chef - always trying something new and different
God will be your source of your love
God will be the source of your inspiration
God will guide and protect you from mistakes
just listen and follow your heart!

Some lovers are like food testers
trying a little and spitting out ...
a true lover however is like a gourmand
absorbing and enjoying all in full.

Like in a good kitchen
everything needs to be clean:
Your heart, thoughts, emotions, intentions and your environment of love.

As a special gift of love for all lovers on earth
God gives you Kriya Yoga to clean up all your inside and outside to prepare for love.

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