Love is like a debit card

Love is like a debit card
you can give love as you receive love
and to be refilled only after giving.

If you give lots of love,
God sends lots of love to refill.
God is like an ocean of love,
always with a surplus of love for you,
whatever amount of love you spend,
God refills all again and again.

You were born with a heart filled of love.

Your giving of love decides the limits of love you receive. That is the difference between debit card and love.

People are made to love others
and to be loved by others.

To be loved by others
you need to feel lovable.

To feel lovable
you first need to have given love to others
many times
to many others
to strangers as well
then your "love account" is balanced and you feel it's time to receive.

Those who never give or very little
rarely ever get that sincere innermost feeling of being lovable
and thus the maturity to fully enjoy being loved.

If you practice only self-love
there is no "space" nor time left for others to love you
nor any time left to love others
then time to move onto a tiny island all by yourself
and enjoy being alone
and learn the value of others
to be loved by you
and to love you.

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