Laws and Divine Rules

the more laws
the less Love

the more rules
the less freedom

the less freedom
the less Love

when all the law books of this planet have been burnt
all people have been freed
then love starts to flow through all
then love starts to heal all
then love frees all

when all rules in temples, monasteries, churches have been dissolved in Love
when all rules and laws have been dissolved in Love in all countries, governments, religions, cultures, organizations, families
then mankind finds healing love and bliss to be abundant
to prosper in whatever they do
then mankind finds its way of Love home or the freedom to go where ever they want - to be happy eternally

I am but Love
no rules
no laws
but Love - only Love

all rules
all laws
will always be broken and dissolved by all my children
as from the very depth of all hearts and souls
all my children know their infinite and eternal truth is absolute
hence free of any limits
free of limits implies free of rules and laws
as only love is eternal and infinite
all laws and rules shall be broken with Love and dissolved in Love until all have learned to love
once all have learned to love - only Love rules the Universes

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