Killing enemies

For many killing enemies appears to be the solution to all conflict to regain peace.

The moment you have killed an enemy,
you have started a new and much larger war of much greater dimension.
A war far more complex to solve.

Every kill starts a new battle inside you.
You may kill a body,
the soul of the killed one however may haunt you for life and beyond.

For every enemy killed, you have gained a dozen or more new enemies, the relatives of the one killed by you, until one day you are a victim of your enemies and get killed yourself by your enemies. In this lifetime or your next lifetime!

The one who judges, gets judged;
the one who condemns, gets condemned;
the one who executes, gets executed;
the one who pardons, received a pardon;
the one who forgives can be forgiven.

The law of karma applies to all,
also to soldiers, police and governments.

Instead of killing our enemies,
we may consider our enemies as a gift of love,
to practice love and forgiveness
and end the many thousand years lasting wars on this planet.

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