Killing enemies

For many killing enemies appears to be the solution to all conflict to regain peace.
The moment you have killed an enemy, you have started a new and much larger war of much greater dimension.
A war far more complex to solve.

Every kill starts a new battle inside you.

Since your enemy no longer amidst physical world, you no longer have the option of easy peace and love treaty with killed enemy. To easily get in peace with enemies, you need eyes to eyes HUGs and love situations here and now on earth.

To get in peace with killed enemy, you normally have to wait until a future lifetime, to meet him again eyes to eyes and to repeat your lessons of love from scratch.

When you kill your enemy - you lose a key to God and he wins peace from you.

Killing enemies mostly results in lifetime of nightmares, sleepless nights, helplessness and often in a life wasted in alcohol and drugs. Look at retired soldiers returning from foreign war to understand what war and killing means and does to humans involved in killing.

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