Inspiration is a heavenly gift

Inspiration is a gift from above
a gift from those wise souls knowing and sharing
to all those with an open mind and receptive heart.

Most inventions are the result of inspiration
from ideas given from above
ideas and solutions given to ALL humanity.

Never for profit but for the sole well being of ALL.

The fountain of inspiration is infinite
only the number of open minds and open hearts is limited.

New jobs, new ideas, new solutions,
all are available to ALL existing problems
just open your heart and mind
and be willing to contribute and to share with ALL what you receive from above.

Inspiration is free
to all people who offer free quality services
because their heart open.

All other profit oriented minds
may lack the gift of inspiration because their heart is blocked by greed and selfishness.

All truly loving and really spiritual souls may become a source of inspiration to others even while here on earth in a body. Inspiring others requires:

Inspiring others while on earth happens when you are quiet, just monitoring silently in background with an open heart for all.

Once God realized, a soul becomes expert in just about anything and everything whatever he/she loves and enjoys to do. Until then, all humans can become more inspiring to others by intensifying correct and full Kriya Yoga practice beyond the 8 hrs per day to a full maximum possible outside your human work and duty hours.

Only those having actually worked and acquired true practical knowledge can be of valuable inspiration to others. Theoretical knowledge alone is of zero value. The sum of all previous incarnations with all real life jobs and experiences you acquired adds to the total real value of inspiration.

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