How you spend money

The purpose of your money spending never justifies the means you earn money,
only money from honest work and honest business should be used for humanitarian work
and to make loved ones happy.

Dirty money belongs into trash bin
and never should be earned at all
no matter the amount nor purpose.

The way how you spend money
never justifies nor rectifiers the means how you earned money
unless you earned all only by actions of love in an industry of love.

The industry that receives your workforce, your God given creativity and productivity needs to be of truly loving nature else no amount you donate for God or humanitarian causes ever can compensate for the damage done by wrong and hurtful industries of our planet at current times.

The vast majority of all modern industries serve but one single goal,
money making, market dominance, use and abuse of consumers and employees for the financial benefit of the upper management, leaders and investors.

Crystal clear drinking water from nature

The sum of all current industries on our planet is a total destruction of your living spaces for animals and mankind, loss of real healthy quality of life, pollution by heavy metals and lethal toxins of our soil and drinking water, total destruction of creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans across the planet, pollution of our breathing air and destruction of nature spaces needed for a healthy planet, such as the destruction of forests and jungles across the planet in exchange for profit making and resources needed for our current industries.

When people sell their soul for profit making,
no matter how many percent they invest in apparently good causes to justify their laziness to to the right thing at whatever effort and cost,
such people are selling their souls to the devil, in exchange for a short time easy and "decent" life in comfort.

You either serve the dark side or God,
you never can serve and satisfy Both sites.

God gives you freedom in exchange of love
Devil gives you titles, degrees, slavery, weakness and dependency in exchange for your soul.

God gave you a heart to feel and a common sense
both need no school education of any kind
both are given in full to all mankind, even to animals
what you do with these Gifts of love from God is up to you
but never complain when life goes wrong after you made repeatedly wrong choices,
God for sure gave you many warnings by many means before disaster wakes you up.

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