NOT good enough for God

If ever you have the feeling of being NOT good enough for God
STOP doing ANY damage to God's creation at all
do more GOOD to God
do more GOOD to God's children on earth
do more good to poor and needy ones on earth
do more good in useful work for all creation
until you have the feeling and certitude that you have done enough to return home to God
heal, help, share and serve God until ready to return home to God.

You never can be too good
you never can be too loving
but you easily can be too negligent or too superficial
you easily could be too lazy or too passive
leading to the result of feeling unworthy to return home to God
based on your own knowledge that you may really have done too little for others
to be an equal member of a family of love.

Never expect others to do all the healing and helping on earth
contribute your own full share of loving work
do more than minimum
do all you can
include more people in your heart and loving work
heal more people in need of your love and your loving work
you never can do too much loving
the more you do, the sooner our world turns into a world of love
ready to return home to God all together.

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