Genetically modified food

If something needed improvement then God would have done it already.

Whatever is God made natural still is and remains most perfect possible at any given time.

When "science" and profit oriented technology messes up God's perfect creation, then disaster starts.

Genetically modified or Genetically manipulated food (GM food) may lead to serious health damage and energy imbalance within a body. Human or animal body! The healthiest of all food is simple plain organic food naturally grown as made by God in a biodiverse environment free from any chemical pollution.

Jungle and wild forest teach you about biodiversity and possible biodensity in a healthy environment. learn from nature rather than attempting to teach nature or modify nature.

Besides easy to measure calories, vitamins and minerals, food contains metaphysical energy (lifeforce) vital for a human health and mental / emotional balance. GM food is plain physical, lacking healthy well balanced lifeforce = energy made by God! The result from GM food is that people eat more, are more hungry and sooner hungry after eating and yet lack culinary satisfaction after a meal. Hence people keep on eating much more, growing obese while waiting for the culinary satisfaction.


Natural varieties of vegetarian food grown in a clean organic farm environment requires smaller food quantities per person for greater culinarian satisfaction and to fully satisfy the complete need of lifeforce. Hence a smaller agriculture area may supply the needs of more people vs industrial farming or GM farming.

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