To heal our global society

To heal our global society it is essential that each individual human learns again to directly communicate with God and to directly feel God's love and loving guidance in daily life.

God as the creator of all creators and universes always should be the loving center of all our activities to assure we manage a life amidst a loving human society in peace and in love with each other.

Kriya Yoga is the science that combines God and Love with loving work to establish social peace and happiness among all in full harmony with God made nature and all creation.

When we practice again direct communication with God and feel God's guidance and know God's answers, then we no longer are spiritually blind and no longer in need of governments and authorities. The one knowing God and having God in his life always follows his heart and always creates but solutions of love all life long.

Love practice by us in all situation of life is the only basis for global peace among all cultures and societies. All other attempts outside love always will create disaster and fail.

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