Always give your very best

If any given moment you always give all you can and do your very best
if you always give the very maximum you can - in love and help
if you always do what feels right and good in your heart.

Then you never ever have anything to regret
and you never have a reason to go back and fix what you missed earlier in life
nor do you ever have a reason for a future reincarnation return here on earth just to repair or compensate for any omission or error done in an earlier incarnation.

Say YES to God and Love and do all you can do
always listen to your heart
always to the very best you can at any moment in life
always do NOW what needs to be done now.

Then you are always right
no matter what others think
and you can easily surrender all life to God
when ever it is time to return home to God,
or it is more efficient to do your work from your home in God
than from your physical temporary guest house on earth - far from God.

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