Full time mother

For a woman to be a full time mother and wife
requires a true man taking care of our planet and keep our world clean and neat
a man takes care of the outer world
a woman cares for the inner world of our society
and many duties are done joint forces
all always is done side by side
all eternal life long
one in the heart and soul
united by love
guided by God.

In a family of love,
there is no need for elections or votes
as love leads to wisdom
and wisdom results in unanimous consent and unanimous decisions for all situations of life,
hence in family situations approaching this state of love,
one vote per family always represents the unanimous consent of all family.

All family always working jointly for the well being of all creation
in all aspects of their family life and work.

Only such a family of love can survive eternally
all else will vanish at some point of repeated failure
to make place for those having learned to love.

It is mothers duty to care with angel like sweetness and divine love
and it is a fathers duty to create the global stability based on absolute love
needed to enjoy an eternal life of love and happiness
in God's world of love.

If you are a single mother or single father,
then for sure you have made a major mistake too many in your past relationship.

To be a full time mother,
requires you to be a full time lover as well.

To be a full time father,
requires you to be a full time lover as well.

If you neglect the role as mother, wife, father or husband,
then you lost what you need most for a happy life,
someone to share, to love, to care for you!

When all your children grown up,
then may be - just may be - you may get another chance with another partner
for you to prove that you can be full time lover and full time parent all at once.

Until your children grown up,
you just have to pay for your own past mistakes
and clean up while learning,
until all past clean,
and your heart and soul free
for new love and a new extended family
including all your past children
as well as all future ones to come.

No mother ever can replace a missing father or "play the father role",
no father ever can replace a missing mother or "play the mother role".


Could you replace missing sugar in a cake by adding more salt,
or could you replace missing salt in a salad by adding more sugar?

Mother and father,
husband and wife
are like sugar and salt in the life of children,
both needed equally for a healthy spiritual growth.

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