Female pride separates a woman from her God made soul mate

The only obstacle separating a woman from the most loving man made by God
is her female pride.

If a woman ready to accept love as the foremost important feature of a man
if a woman no longer waits for a prince charming in a castle or mansion
if a woman no longer looks at car, money or property
but only at a man's heart.

Then a woman is ready to BE LOVED
by the ONE most loving man made by God
- the most loving in all creation
- the most loving for all eternity
ONE man only in all creation can touch your heart and play your soul like a music instrument to create joy and happiness as he can.

Learn more about the ONE you may miss or have rejected, your soul mate. The one soul mate you reject may have unique gifts of love for you, no number of wrong partners ever can match.

Soul mate = a unique single partner for eternity made by God. You may meet your may be on earth, may be he is waiting at home for your return home to God. If here on earth. you may be near your soul mate a few seconds or minutes, either you are instantly ready to fully love and join him on his journey of helping others in need on this planet, or he may be gone for the remainder of your entire life.

If ever you are lucky to meet your soul mate a second time in your life, drop all your female pride, listen to your heart, open your soul and become one on your way through eternal life as well as side by side here on earth helping all those in need of healing love.

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