How to feel lovable - how to be loveworthy

Most want to be loved - to be loved you need to be loveworthy to others and to feel lovable.

To enjoy other people's love, to absorb or suck other people's energy is no reason at all to be lovable. Mosquitoes or leeches rarely appear lovable to you - yet they love to suck your lifeforce from you and apparently love you as their source of life.

To be lovable and to feel lovable you have to be a source of love, a source of help, a source of joy for others and be useful and helpful to others.

Missing usefulness in your life may lead to lack of feeling loveworthy or lovable.

Whoever is useful to others may attract love from others and thus be love-worthy and lovable.

Focus on improving your usefulness and helpfulness and you become and feel loveworthy to attract love from others.

Open for God and do a Love prayer

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